MF 190 data card from the ZTE promised to connect the internet connection in just 15 seconds without the need for installation and setting.

This was made ​​possible through technology called CWID, an abbreviation of the CPC (Continuous Packet Connectivity), Web User Interface, and driver-free technology (technology-free drivers).

CPC is a HSPA + network capabilities that reduce the overhead of uplink and downlink channels, improve network efficiency and avoid network congestion. Sunday (11/09/2011).

Web UI in the MF 190 lets users organize devices and online services, including SMS list and contact list, the appearance of the interface can be adjusted by the operator.

Free technology developed by ZTE driver automatically runs on major operating systems. It is hoped this can avoid the problem of operating system compatibility.

CWID technology will be applied on a number of products including mobile broadband data card ZTE 14M, 21M, 42m, and LTE, as well as 3G mobile hotspot products, MF60 and MF80.
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