Qantas will conduct experiments using IPAD 2 as an entertainment device for the passenger during the flight. Next month, the Australian airline iPad 2 will be tested in a Boeing 767-300.

All passengers on the plane it will be loaned a second iPad specifically designed to provide musical entertainment, movie or television show. Everything is on-stream wirelessly with a service called Q Streaming.

"We are very pleased to become the first airline in the world to conduct experiments on wireless streaming products," said Alison Webster, Customer Experience Manager of Qantas, as quoted by AFP on Monday (9/19/2011).

This program will facilitate the passengers because they no longer need to look at the monitor in front to see the entertainment, but directly on the tablet that could be arranged as desired. Content will be streamed via Wi-Fi facilities in the plane via the Q Streaming applications.

The system was also able to work on personal devices that carry passengers, including notebooks and smartphones. So if Qantas finally was adopted, then in addition to the tablet computers are provided, passengers can also use gadgetnya own.

Previously, airlines American Airlines also provide 6000 tablets Galaxy as in-flight entertainment. But not streamed content available, but is pre-loaded on the tablet.
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