A defense plant in Japan had a massive attack. The attack is believed to be the first attack that strikes the Japanese defense industry.

This attack upon the factory that manufactures submarines, missiles and components of nuclear power that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.. Reportedly as many as 80 computers located at their headquarters in Tokyo hit by the virus.

"Most likely this is the first hacking attack is detected. This action is similar to that experienced by American defense companies," Andrew Davies, an analyst with cyber.

It is feared, as a result of this attack some important information has been stolen. And a suspicion arose that the perpetrators of these attacks originated from China.

For your information, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. Japan's Defense Ministry is believed to create a means of defense.

Quoted by Reuters on Monday (9/19/2011), the company won the 215 and it even had a deal worth 260 billion yen or $ 3.4 billion from the Japanese government. Mitsubishi Heavy also is working with Boeing to make wings for its 787 Dreamliner jet.

One of the virus found in such attacks is a Trojan horse. Now, these companies are investigating the case of a total of 9 locations in Japan.
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