Lovers of electronic bookstore Google (ebook) seem to be disappointed by the decision just made the internet giant. The reason, they just closed the sale on the iPhone and iPad device.

Through an application, the books are stored on Google's previous eBook can be purchased and downloaded by the users of the iPhone and iPad device. However, a new policy created by Apple that resulted Google flee from their devices and make the user can no longer be shopping in the eBooks.

From Digital Trends, Tuesday (13/09/2011), this policy is the policy of billing in-app Apple where the company is asking publishers to provide 'quota' of 30% of every purchase made through the application of IOS.

Action by Google is following a similar action performed by the Amazon Kindle with its application, also because of Apple's new policy. Amazon has negate purchase content directly through the application Kindle and instead, they direct the user with a link to their own online stores.

Upon termination of this step, Google has been sending email notifications on the user's applications and Google Books for iPhone iPad. Google Books itself is still enjoyable for those who use Android device or web.
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