In 2011, after a long time to bring the world of video game titles such as Modern Warfare, Far Cry, and the latest Mass Effect, a futuristic and brutal action. So, pretty fun when there are new info about the games that are witty, bloodless and shotgun. And chief among them, is Rayman Origins, which proves that video games can look beautiful, expressive, and full of innovation and nostalgia.

Rayman Origins is a game genre with fast-paced platform, where the game is progressing rapidly. Starting from the jump, glide, flying through the air and sliding. Rayman Origins will bring back the classic platforming action that has long been a major hallmark of this epic series. Settings in this game in the world of the Glade of Dreams, a world created by the Bubble Dreamer. But the nightmares started happening in the Bubble Dreamer with the result that brings the living creatures that are not desirable and the Electoons turned into Darktoons, and of course, Rayman task was to bring peace back to the Glade of Dreams. This game also featured characters from the Rayman series before like Globox fat blue creature who is a friend of Rayman, Betilla the Fairy that could give new strength and Mr.Dark Rayman which is the antagonist in Rayman.

And this time, Rayman game that has been long-awaited also brings co-op multiplayer steady for up to four players at once. Plus Mii! So, gamers, gamers who are familiar with games like New Super Mario Bros. Wii, co-op mode Origins Rayman will feel very natural. But still the most important thing is that everything is wrapped in a distinctive visual style that Rayman has become one of the most exciting highlights in the video gaming world. Ubisoft was not kidding develop Originis Rayman, Rayman creator Michel Ancel hire talented artists from Pixar and Disney. So do not be surprised if the visualization of 2D in this game looks very beautiful with full color, plus aluan music and sound effects that play a huge role. There are more than 50 levels to complete and 12 Environment that could be explored. At first this game just want to be developed for the downloadable title, but Michael's course will change your mind Micholic from Ubisoft to develop this game toward greater. Rayman Origins scheduled to be released in November for the PS3 console, X360, 3ds, Vita, Wii. (Phil)

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier
Genre: platformer
Release: Novemver 2011
Platform: PS3, X360, 3ds, Vita, Wii.
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