Mozilla FirefoxI think it is safe to say that the new six week rapid release cycle for Mozilla Firefox internet browser has drawn a lot of controversy since it was announced and put into effect. However, it seems as if Mozilla likes the negative press because it seems as if there could be more to come from this rapid release cycle.

In a recent thread noticed on a developer mailing list, anybody and everybody involved in the effort has been debating the possibility of shortening the cycle even more. These developers are considering shortening the already short six week cycle to a five week cycle or even shorter than that.

According to Mozilla Software Companies Engineer Josh Aas, "Our transition to releasing every six weeks went really well. We're getting fixes to users much more quickly than we used to, but can we get fixes to users even faster? Moving to a five week cycle would mean a fix going into mozilla-central would get to users three weeks faster."

So shortening the short cycle that people are already complaining about sounds like a good idea? To Aas it does. "That's a big deal," Aas added. "It's an upgrade in responsiveness that we can't afford not to pass on if we can pull it off. I suspect the only way to know if we can do it is to try - we can always back off if it doesn't work out."

However, not everybody is objecting to the idea of shortening the cycle. Firefox Release Manager Christian Legnitto stated, "Yes, I absolutely think in the future we will shorten the cycle--but it won't be soon. We have some work to do to make six weeks smooth from a process, tool and product side. When we get six weeks down to a science, we can shorten as needed."

Source: PC World - Mozilla Mulls a 5-Week Firefox Release Cycle
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Facebook working with the media company Time Warner launched / released an application designed to help prevent bullying ( anti bullying ) or violence against children and adolescents.

Application on Facebook is part of a broader cooperation between the two companies had been established since a few months ago.

Reported by Forbes, Tuesday (09/20/2011), this cooperation is like the appeal of Facebook and Time Warner to use their influence in raising awareness of violence and encourage children and adults to stop it.

Named the 'Stop Bullying: Speak Up', the application is intended for anyone who knows the violence that occurs both inside and outside of the Facebook site.

"It offers information on how to prevent it and ask the children and adults to take part if they see bullying action," the report said.

Since officially released earlier this week, more than 2,600 of the 3,600 people who took part were adults. Time Warner himself had started the campaign 'Stop Bullying: Speak Up' since last year through the Cartoon Network show.
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Rarely CEO Update, Google + Down prestige?

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After a few months since its launch, Google + prominence doubt. The reason, the CEO of Google itself that is rarely known Larry Page update his account.

In personal accounts Larry Page, last seen updatean conducted on August 15, alias already more than a month ago.

From dailymail Monday (9/19/2011), Page creates the account in June. But apparently he was not 'consistent' with profilenya recent rumors and cause odor wafted, namely that these networking sites are declining in popularity.

Previous Page is diligently posting pages with sharing photos. He also briefly congratulated on achieving + Google achieved and at pengakuisisan Motorola Mobility.

But as many as 300,000 people who enter the Page into the 'circle' they seem to be disappointed because the CEO of Google is somewhat neglecting her account.

Responding to quiet the page Page, a Google spokesman declined comment. Google party just to explain that most people choose to share their activity only to some of the circle (a circle of friends), not to everyone.

In the first month is drawing attention + Google by acquiring 25 million users, an achievement that won Google within 10 months when she was launched in 2004.
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LG Electronics last added members in the ranks of high-end smartphones. South Korean manufacturer was showing off Optimus Q2, an Android-based handset is equipped with a sliding qwerty keyboard type.

Optimus 2Q has a 4-inch wide screen LCD screen with IPS technology (In Plane Switching). Mobile phones with the Android operating system relies Gingerbread 1.2 GHz dual core processor Nvidia Tegra two latest versions are probably more powerful than the processor in LG Optimus 2X.

Sector 5 megapixel camera and VGA front camera. LG also claims included Optimus Q2 berkeyboard smartphone with slim body at this time. Only 12.3 mm thickness.

As quoted from Electronista, Monday (19/09/2011), Optimus Q2 planned to present in Europe and South Korea starting next week. And then to various other areas. Price range has not been announced.
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Street Fighter X Tekken Games not only presents the topnotch fighter. In terms of features, this game scuffles can also do customization in the character.

This feature will mentioned not only the fighters can change in terms of appearance, but also the movement of the characters to their timing when launching moves.

In short, the gamers would still be many who will use the character as a champion Ryu. But of course they waited for Ryu character with new flavors.

Street Fighter X Tekken producer, Yoshinori Ono said, the game system in this game will appear more attractive, more than just changes to the costumes used by the hero.

Indeed, when compared with the series 'traditional', the character of this game is still the same. But the difference is a game system that promises to change drastically.

This feature allows players to customize characters, so they are not all the same, said Ono quoted from GameSpot, Monday (19/09/2011)

Ono is still not unpacked Street Fighter X Tekken in detail. Including how the process of changing the style in question. To be sure, Ono promised to further review this game in the event the New York Comic-Con.
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A defense plant in Japan had a massive attack. The attack is believed to be the first attack that strikes the Japanese defense industry.

This attack upon the factory that manufactures submarines, missiles and components of nuclear power that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.. Reportedly as many as 80 computers located at their headquarters in Tokyo hit by the virus.

"Most likely this is the first hacking attack is detected. This action is similar to that experienced by American defense companies," Andrew Davies, an analyst with cyber.

It is feared, as a result of this attack some important information has been stolen. And a suspicion arose that the perpetrators of these attacks originated from China.

For your information, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. Japan's Defense Ministry is believed to create a means of defense.

Quoted by Reuters on Monday (9/19/2011), the company won the 215 and it even had a deal worth 260 billion yen or $ 3.4 billion from the Japanese government. Mitsubishi Heavy also is working with Boeing to make wings for its 787 Dreamliner jet.

One of the virus found in such attacks is a Trojan horse. Now, these companies are investigating the case of a total of 9 locations in Japan.
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The number one search engine in China, Baidu, apparently not satisfied if only become champion. Baidu keuasaannya now plans to expand outside of China.

This was disclosed Baidu Chief Executive Robin Li in a meeting with Chinese leader Li Changchun business promotion. This statement was later posted on the site search since last Saturday.

"Robin Li Baidu reported targets over the next decade to become a household name in more than half the countries in the world and represents China's business to affect the global economy," according to an AFP report quoted on Monday (9/19/2011).

As is known, Baidu became the most popular search engine in China with a market share of more than 75 percent, beating rival Google's growing cluck since the feud with the Chinese government.

Currently, Baidu has a presence in Japan and recently launched operations in Egypt and Thailand. Indeed, outside of China the prestige of Baidu is still inferior to Google and Yahoo.
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Twitter Scientist Resigns

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Abdur Chowdhury, the incumbent Chief Scientist at Twitter has resigned. He is the architect of Twitter search and recommendation features.

After resigning, he bid farewell in that it sends a tweet from @ Abdur account.

"So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish @ twitter was an amazing experience & events Greater sets of people," the greeting that is quoted on Monday (9/19/2011).

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish is a series of sentences quoted from Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the story of Douglas Adams's science fiction is quite popular among technology buffs.

Chowdhury joined twitter in 2008 after his company, Summize, annexed for USD 15 million. Summize was engaged in the search tweet.

Almost simultaneously, Twitter also lost two of their leadership council. This is Fred Wilson and Bijan Sabet, both early investors in Twitter.

Twitter has just completed raising funds worth USD 800 million. About half the funds are used to cash out for some early investors, including Union Square Ventures, Fred Wilson his.
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Action 'clearance' does Hewlett-Packard (HP) on the TouchPad continues. The program even helped take advantage of HP's employees are curious interest with the tablet PC product.

In a memo circulated among employees of HP, quoted from Techcrunch, Monday (09/19/2011), noted that sales to insiders will be conducted from 28 September 2011.

It is not known in detail at what price TouchPad to HP's own employees. But as a comparison, the clearance action of retailers HP - like at Best Buy, Amazon, and others - previously sold off TouchPad at USD 99 for 16 GB version and $ 149 for 32 GB, or down about $ 300.

As is known, HP has indeed made ​​the decision to stop production of tablets and smartphones based WebOS, where TouchPad became one of his victims.

As a result, after draining the contents of the warehouse, the IT companies from the United States it makes a big decision to give a discount like crazy to boost sales TouchPad devices.

The strategy proved effective to lure buyers. Even HP will 'turn' back to touchpad devices because of a surge in demand resulting stock market TouchPad at retailers and online stores sold out and left disappointment in many prospective buyers.

HP Party in its official statement saying, "Instead of announcing the cessation of production hardware based WebOS, we have decided to produce TouchPad last resort, to meet existing demand," according to as reported by the HP website.

However, it remains asserted that after that they will no longer continue to produce TouchPad. "HP will stop the development of tools WebOS during our fourth fiscal quarter in 2011," he concluded.
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Google Soon Glide Digital Wallet

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Last week, Google posted a YouTube video featuring impressions of Google Wallet with a star named George Costanza. This video shows an indication that Google's digital wallet service that immediately come soon.

For those who are not familiar with George Costanza, he is one of the characters in the series Seinfield sitcom that aired on TV stations United States (U.S.).

George Costanza wallet very memorable viewers in one episode. George is told to bring my wallet so thick that is placed in his back pocket. I was so thick, he had difficulty sitting and hassles when going to spend money.

It seems that Google's attempt to attract users' attention by engaging character George Costanza. Internet giant is also cites a story about Costanza wallet to describe all the convenience that users get when using Google Wallet.

Reported by The Washington Post and quoted on Monday (9/19/2011), Google did not say when the official launch of the digital wallet service. But the NFC World Congress event which will take place tomorrow in the French Riviera reinforce these indications.

"Google is not listed as a speaker or exhibitor at the event, but its primary partner in the Google Wallet service, MasterCard, became the official sponsor," the report said.

Last May, Google has introduced Google Wallet to the audience. Digital wallet service allows consumers to use their phones when going to make a payment.

Payment by moving the phone in front of a sensing device is offered by Google in collaboration with MasterCard and Citibank. Google also took the telecom operators, handset makers and retailers.

In the first project, Google's digital wallet will be available in the U.S. on Nexus S Google. If it has been widely introduced, it is believed this service will be expanded not only in the U.S. but also other countries including in Asia.

Executive Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt had said last July, the ability to perform the functions of Android phones as digital wallets a matter of time to enter Asia.
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Qantas will conduct experiments using IPAD 2 as an entertainment device for the passenger during the flight. Next month, the Australian airline iPad 2 will be tested in a Boeing 767-300.

All passengers on the plane it will be loaned a second iPad specifically designed to provide musical entertainment, movie or television show. Everything is on-stream wirelessly with a service called Q Streaming.

"We are very pleased to become the first airline in the world to conduct experiments on wireless streaming products," said Alison Webster, Customer Experience Manager of Qantas, as quoted by AFP on Monday (9/19/2011).

This program will facilitate the passengers because they no longer need to look at the monitor in front to see the entertainment, but directly on the tablet that could be arranged as desired. Content will be streamed via Wi-Fi facilities in the plane via the Q Streaming applications.

The system was also able to work on personal devices that carry passengers, including notebooks and smartphones. So if Qantas finally was adopted, then in addition to the tablet computers are provided, passengers can also use gadgetnya own.

Previously, airlines American Airlines also provide 6000 tablets Galaxy as in-flight entertainment. But not streamed content available, but is pre-loaded on the tablet.
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Abdur Chowdhury, the incumbent Chief Scientist at Twitter has resigned. He is the architect of Twitter search and recommendation features.

After resigning, she was bid farewell in that it sends a tweet from @ Abdur account.

"So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish @ twitter was an amazing experience & events Greater sets of people," the greeting, Monday (09/19/2011).

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish is a series of sentences quoted from Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the story of Douglas Adams's science fiction is quite popular among technology buffs.

Chowdhury joined twitter in 2008 after his company, Summize, annexed for USD 15 million. Summize was engaged in the search tweet.

Almost simultaneously, Twitter also lost two of their leadership council. This is Fred Wilson and Bijan Sabet, both early investors in Twitter.

Twitter has just completed raising funds worth USD 800 million. About half the funds are used to cash out for some early investors, including his Union Square Ventures, Fred Wilson.
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Hot issues in the news lately mentioned the launch of the iPhone 5 is in October 2011. This assumption is further strengthened after a telecommunications company bosses leaked iPhone release date 5.

Is the CEO of France Telecom, Stephane Richard, who leaked it. Speaking to reporters in France, Richard said it had received information from relevant sources about the schedule in which the iPhone 5 disclosed to the public.

"iPhone 5 will be released on October 15," he said, as quoted from Cnet, on Friday (09/16/2011). Richard did not mention where he got secret information that counted.

Another rumor states that developed the iPhone 5 will appear on October 7. Which is true of course remains a mystery, but rather chosen in October was the month Apple released the iPhone to 5.

Some operators even at this moment is preparing to market the iPhone 5. Even in Germany, the operator Deutsche Telekom had already opened the initial reservation for the touch screen gadget.
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Microsoft Planning Create Xbox TV

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Microsoft announced it is launching a new platform, the Xbox TV. The software giant is likely to try their luck in the realm of digital TVs that failed enlivened by its competitors: Google, Apple and Sony.

Mentioned the CEO Steve Balmer, Microsoft wants to change the way people watch TV with the content they offer. Reportedly, the TV Xbox will be released towards the end of the year. But Balmer did not confirm this information.

Reported by Big News Networks and quoted on Friday (16/09/2011), Ballmer Xbox TV shows for the first time financial analyst meeting in Anaheim, California, United States (U.S.).

During the meeting he informed all present that the Xbox will deliver the TV video on demand and live television shows including news, sports and favorite shows plus hundreds of diverse video content.

Xbox TV consumers will be able to enjoy all the impressions on the device without having to install equipment such as cable, satellite dish or set-top box.

Ballmer added, the main thing that distinguishes the Xbox TV with other TV platforms are made ​​by its competitors namely the existence of motion-based search tools and sound. Using the driving Kinect, the user can navigate along the content search using voice commands.
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Sales of BlackBerry Playbook tablet device reportedly does not match expectations. Therefore the manufacturer RIM will perform a variety of ways to boost sales, including by making price cuts.

Reportedly, the number of shipments and sales tools BlackBerry Playbook quite far behind competitors such as Samsung Galaxy Tab and especially the iPad. RIM co-chief executive, Mike Lazaridis also said that his company will begin running a number of programs to stimulate sales.

Intensive courses for business people is one of the programs they are going to run. Lazaridis also said it was square off for the discount price Playbook although it has not said how much the discount will be offered.

In addition to the above programs, a number of additions will be done in software fiturpun Playbook its 2.0 which will be announced in October. The software will bring the native e-mail, calendar, contacts, video stores and also she has support Android applications.

Quoted from Cnet, on Friday (16/09/2011), this software will soon be available to the public immediately after their introduction.
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Logitech releases Multi-Touch Trackpad

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Logitech launches wireless computer accessories called Touchpad. As the name implies, it is a multi-touch trackpad that uses wireless technology.

This tool displays the surface area of ​​5 inches (12.7 cm). To run it, users are welcome to perform a sweep: a finger to move the cursor, 2 fingers for scrolling, 3 finger for browsing photos and fourth finger to switch between applications.

Wireless Touchpad also has two large button below the scrolling area that serves as a right click and left click. He connected with a desktop / laptop via a USB dongle and 2.4GHz wireless technology and can run for a new operating system Windows 7.

"Logitech Wireless Touchpad is perfect for those who want to surf the internet in a way that's fun," he said Rory Dooley, Logitech senior vice president.

From DailyTech, Wednesday (09/14/2011), devices that are similar to the output of Apple Trackpad Magic will be marketed in the U.S. and Europe at a price of USD 49.99.
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New Windows 8 operating system just introduced Microsoft. Manufacturers of software giant is also invited developers to download the preview of Windows 8. Fun, the public can also try it.

Microsoft posted a download link on the website of Windows 8 Windows 8 Developer Preview. But this is still pre-beta version, so the downloaders who want to try to be prepared if a lot of bugs or instability. Yes, this version is still far from perfect.

There are 3 versions of Windows that can be downloaded. The largest size of 4.8 GB, which is equipped with 64-bit versions of tools for developers. Users must first copy it onto a DVD or flash disk to be installed into a PC.

Preview This specification requires a minimum of 1 GB of RAM (2GB for 64 bit version) and harddsk empty 16 GB (20GB for 64 bit version). Microsoft itself warned of the preview is not yet stable and the risk borne by yourself if you want to try it.

"This software may be unstable, does not operate properly or not working properly its final version," warned Microsoft

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Clever Computer can tell Pain

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Has it occurred that the computer could tell the pain? If it could talk, perhaps this device will inform us. Did you know, it turns out this can indeed happen.

Researchers in the United States (U.S.) conducted a test. The result, computers can not talk when someone is sick because it has been specially trained to do so.

Reported by Reuters and quoted on Wednesday (14/09/2011), scientists at Stanford University in California, the U.S. used the learning software for classifying the data generated from the results of brain scans and detects when a person feels sick.

"The question we are trying to answer is, can we use an imaging tool to objectively detect whether someone is in pain or not. The answer, I can," said Sean Mackey, who led the study.

Currently, most doctors rely on answers from the patients themselves to determine whether they are sick or not. And sometimes there are certain patients such as children, elderly or suffering from dementia can not tell you the pain. With this computer, which spared the pain of diganosa doctors can be known easily.

"We really hope this technology can display the result of better detection of disease so that it can provide better care for chronic diseases," said Mackey.
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LG Mobile announces the availability of the Android operating system for the Optimus 2.3 Gingerbread One. If you want a new experience, users simply download it.

"The upgrade process of this show Optimus One LG LG Mobile Indonesia's commitment in developing an Android phone in Indonesia, as well as part of Indonesia against LG Mobile services customers," said Cho Chorung, Senior Marketing Manager of LG Mobile Indonesia

LG Optimus One, which was introduced in early January 2011, mention was born from the collaboration between LG and 500 engineers from Google since the end of the year 2009.

This phone has dimensions of 113.5 x 59 x 13.3 and weighs about 129 grams. Optimus One is equipped with a capacitive type touch screen TFT with size of 3.2 inches and with the support of 256,000 colors and a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels.

For performance, Optimus One armed with speed 600 MHz processor with 512MB of RAM support. As for the data storage business is equipped with 170MB of internal memory and microSD slot for memory expansion up to 32GB.

The upgrade process can be done via PC Suite or consumers can visit the Service Center nearest LG Mobile Indonesia free of charge.
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Intel Exhibition Tablet Android

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While announcing its partnership with Google, Intel also showed off a tablet PC that already use Android Honeycomb. The product is claimed to be the most slender in its class.

Like Android Honeycomb tablets in general, the product has a 10 inch screen with landscape resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. In it, Intel has invested 32 nm Atom processor codenamed Medfield.

When displayed to the participant IDF 2011 in Moscone Center West, San Francisco on Tuesday (13/09/2011), Intel claims outside of this product design is final, but still needs to be done for software optimization.

"Software in it is still in alpha stage, and still much that needs to be repaired. But overall this product would appear extraordinary," said Steve Smith, Intel's VP, Director of Notebook & Tablet.

Besides showing off Android-based tablet PC, Intel also claims to have set up a similar product that uses the Windows operating system 8.

"For Windows 8 tablets can not we show now, wait a while longer. So, stay StuNed," added Smith.
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Windows 8 is Microsoft's operating system is optimized for the tablet device. Build in a conference in the United States who finished the event introductions Windows 8, Microsoft also for the thousands of computer-free tablets.

Yes, as reported previously, Windows 8 tablets are made ​​by Samsung. A total of 5,000 units of tablets given for free to Windows developers who attended the conference.

The tablets are specifically for developers and given the name of Samsung's Windows Developer Preview PC. Specifications are fairly impressive, with Intel's dual core processor i5, 4GB of RAM and 11.6-inch Super PLS.

  The tablets will be used by developers to test a Windows 8 and make the application. Most likely, this tablet will not be marketed by Microsoft.

In addition to using Intel processors, Windows 8 will also be able to walk with ARM chips used by most of the tablets at the moment. Vendors such as Qualcomm and Nvidia that makes the ARM-based processor has already expressed readiness to support Windows 8.
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Angry Birds maker entered Indonesia

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Instigators of mobile games must be familiar with the Angry Birds. Well, if nothing gets in the way, this game pembesut - Rovio - is scheduled to 'perch' in Indonesia

Representatives from the Rovio Publisher planned to be one of the speakers at the conference at the peak of Indonesia ICT Award 2011 which took place on October 4 to 5 at the Jakarta Convention Center.

Speakers other world is also scheduled to be present which is the creator Ian Livingstone Tom Rider and Squere Enix as publisher of Final Fantasy.

While local speakers, among others, featuring the Minister of Communications and Informatics Tifatul Sembiring, Trade Minister Marie Elka Pangestu and Minister Hatta Rajasa as well as from other telecommunications industries.

Participants who wish to share experiences with practitioners and creators in the field of animation, games, and develop digital business side can also attend various workshops with speakers from Nokia, Microsoft, and Square Enix.

In addition, in the event there will also top the national level Robotics competition which also made the event Pra International Robot Olympiad (IRO) which will be held in Jakarta in December next.

The series of activities INAICTA 2011 itself has entered a period of judging. Where the total of participants who participate reach 1765 registrants.

A total of 393 participants of whom entered the professional ketagori individuals, 212 groups of professionals, professional companies / institutions as much as 216, as many as 421 individual students and student groups of 523 people.

The number of categories that are contested there are 28, consists of 16 professional categories and 12 categories of students. From the number of registrants as mentioned above, which sends the work and is entitled to dijurikan at the first stage of judging as much as 758 works.
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Popular Legend of Zelda games this year will be 25 years old. How to celebrate the birthday of Nintendo's legendary game?

Surely not by giving gifts for a fictional character's daughter Zelda and Link the hero. Nintendo will give a gift to the fans.

Owners of the Nintendo DS handheld console and the various variants will be able to download games for free during the period 28 September 2011 - February 20, 2012. The game is 'The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords' anniversary special edition Zelda to 25.

Some features of classic games that are born again it is the wireless multiplayer features and new single-player mode. This game was adapted from the original version that was released on GameCube in 2004.

This is certainly not the only way to celebrate a birthday Nintendo Zelda. Some other things will likely be a Japanese company in the same period.
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Google Add Search Service Aviation

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Google re-added services with the presence of the flight search tool. This service is challenging a similar service, including Microsoft's Bing Travel.

The search engine giant has released its tool on Tuesday. He reinforced by ITA Software, which recently acquired Google in April.

Flights integrated Google services in the Google search engine. He helps users who want to travel with the main points of comparison of air fares with a total flight time.

"We focus on the option price and duration of each airline," said Kourosh Gharachorloo, Engineering Director at Google's official blog. Google's search flight search hotel follows the company introduced in July.

This service is still limited in the cities of America and featuring economy class flight just before the service will be expanded, such as quoted from VentureBeat, Wednesday (09/14/2011).

Google Flights presence is blatantly a contender for a similar service already exists ie first Kayak, Orbitz and the Travel Bing, excellent features in Microsoft's search engine, Bing.
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8 Advantages of Windows 8

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Windows 8 brings a number of changes compared to previous generations of Microsoft operating systems. What are the advantages rather than Windows 7? Here are 8 of them as quoted from TechRadar, Wednesday (14/09/2011):

1. Optimized for touch screen

Windows 7 is touchscreen support, but not optimal in terms of design and ease of operation. Unlike the Windows 8, the interface is dubbed as the Metro is really optimized for the touch of a form-style interface with Windows Phone.

2. Support the ARM chip

Windows 8 supports devices that use ARM chips infrastructure. This is expected to extend the reach of Windows 8 in the tablet arena, given that most currently available tablets using ARM chips.

3. Windows applications store Store

Windows 8 will have its own application store called Windows Store. Windows Store provides a variety of applications that are optimized for Windows 8.

4. Supports NFC (Near Field Communications)

Windows 8 will support NFC, a technology that their role among others for financial transactions digitally. Tablets are using any Windows 8 will most likely automatically include this feature.

5. Boot time is short

Boot Windows 8 in the demo only lasts in 8 seconds. A much shorter time than in previous versions of Windows booting.

6. Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 10 promised to bring major changes than previous IE versions. Is claimed to be very friendly browser used either in tablet or PC.

7. Better security

Windows 8 is said to have better security features to counter cyber attacks. Among the features of Windows Defender is more enhanced capabilities in the OS.

8. Windows 8 does not require a PC upgrade

Microsoft says a computer that can run Windows 7 can also run Windows 8 so that the user does not need to upgrade your PC. According to Microsoft, Intel Atom processor and 1 GB of RAM is enough for running this OS
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This Display Windows 8

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Microsoft introduced Windows 8, the newest operating system. Windows 8 presents the user interface is completely new, dubbed the Metro. It looks similar to Windows Phone 7 in which applications are arranged in the form of boxes.

In addition to the display interface Metro, the user can also choose to use the appearance of Desktop View. This view is optimized for navigation on a PC computer. Indeed, Windows 8 is expected to function equally well on PCs and tablets.

This is the era of tablet computers that Microsoft will inevitably have to follow it. Windows 7 it ​​can also be used in tablet computers, but not optimal. Windows 8 was a mainstay of Microsoft to compete with the iPad or Android.

Microsoft says there are many new features in Windows 8 which does not exist in previous versions. And the interface is completely new, Windows 8 is expected to be more successful than previous generations. Not yet clear exactly when Microsoft will release Windows 8 predicted in 2012.

Here are some of the look of Windows 8

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Requests iPhone 5 through the iPhone 4

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A survey reported that the number of requests for pre-launch of the iPhone 5 exceeds the total demand for the iPhone 4. RBC Capital and ChangeWave is issuing this report, where they were in previous years also held a similar research for the iPhone 4.

For the iPhone 5 survey, ChangeWave involving 2200 respondents in early August. The result is, as much as 31% said it would buy the iPhone 5. That beat the number of respondents who said it would buy four iPhones at launch in 2010 (25%).

The amount of demand for the latest generation iPhone will presumably because there are many significant feature enhancements. iPhone 4 itself has now been almost 15 months old and the users want to upgrade capabilities on his cell phone.

From Apple Insider, Wednesday (14/09/2011), because demand is high enough on the iPhone 5, analyst Mike Abramsky also predicts that iPhone sales in 2012 will reach 110 million units.

While in the second survey conducted in early September and involved 2297 people, Change Wave discover other facts relevant action Steve Jobs resigned. Jobs are reported that the retirement of the CEO chair hardly any effect on demand for Apple products.
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Flash Present at the iPhone and iPad

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Public technological know, Apple and Adobe have never gotten along. It is impossible to imagine the Adobe Flash can run on Apple gadgets. But Adobe does not seem to give up, software makers from the United States released a new package that enables Flash is present on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Adobe just released Flash Media Server 4.5 and Access 3.0 on Adobe Flash technology IBC event in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. These software packages that convert Flash file format compatible with Apple promoted the so-called Http Live Streaming.

"Flash Media Server 4.5 allows the publisher menstreaming Flash content to IOS-based devices that support the Safari browser is not needed IOS," Adobe said in a statement.

With Flash Media Server 4.5 and Flash Access 3.0, Adobe stated that reported by Business Insider, they allow the business to reach more consumers and penetrated into various devices.

"It will also help them increase the impact of video experience, enhance their brand and of course encourage the success of their businesses," said Adobe.

Some time ago Apple boss Steve Jobs said as the reason why the iPad not compatible with Flash. According to Jobs, Flash has the potential to undermine the iPad battery life. According to Jobs, the battery will only be able to last 1.5 hours with Flash, from the first 10 hours.

Apple and Adobe relationship has indeed been a long walk is not harmonious. Apple never mentions Flash takes up less memory and battery power eroding. Steve Jobs, who was then still serving as CEO of Apple even commented by saying Flash ancient spicy.

While Adobe responded by calling the absence of Flash on Apple because of Apple's own gadgets that make up the issue and they have limited sources of income Adobe.
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Apple has just blocked a rough game that contains content and make it angry iPhone producers. Moreover, one of the displayed content is about a suicide.

Suicide has featured in the game is unsparing, which makes the employees at the company Foxconn as a character.

This game was named Phone Story exist in the App Store for 7 hours before being 'kicked'. These mini games, as quoted by TechCrunch on Wednesday (14/09/2011), made ​​by Molleindustria from Italy.

There are 4 main sections shown in the game are:

  1. Coltan mining in which the player plays a character who served in the mining and forced the workers to continue production.
  2. Suicide (suicide) in which players are required to capture the Foxconn workers who attempted suicide by jumping from the building.
  3. Obsolescence in which the player is required to solicit the consumer at the Apple Store when there are new products being released.
  4. eWaste in which players are invited to see the effects of the disposal of electronic waste.

"We remove the application because it violates the rules," said Tom Neumyar, a spokesman for Apple. A number of rules aimed at developers of them mentioned that an application that contains violence and inappropriate content will be removed.

Foxconn itself is manufacturing the device that Apple had indeed been under the spotlight sharply due to a series of suicide of workers in manufacturing in China. This action allegedly related to working conditions there are extremely harsh.
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Google may succeed everywhere, but not in China. That is the underlying company to make another attempt to reap revenue from China, namely the extended e-commerce.

To test its success, Google released a new portal called Google Shihui. He is a search feature to help people find the deal (deal) through dozens of websites, or buying group that offers discounts.

The site is still beta format can be accessed through the domain Google as is known in the past year shut down its search engine at, and ad pages link to Hong Kong in search engines

"Shihui are in their infancy and we are working with the partners to see what features can increase traffic to their site and what features that help users to get the best deals," said Google spokesman, Robin Moroney.

With the establishment of Shihui sites, Google also allows his company to step into this realm without having to build a buying group company in China, from PCWorld, Wednesday (14/09/2011).

Companies that use a collective purchase system to get the discount (buying group) belonging to the United States, previously Groupun also tried his luck in China but in fact he lost competitiveness and eventually firing hundreds of employees.

Google was also sluggish in China, especially when dealing with strict rules and Internet censorship in China.

"This is a business area a neutral and secure place where Google can participate without risk is too great. Google is still interested in developing business in China," said Mark Natkin, managing director of Marbridge Consulting.
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In the arena of IDF 2011 Intel demonstrated how a computer can work without using electric current, but only utilizing ultra violet rays.

This demonstration shows the efficiency deliberately displayed by the processor power consumption in the future.

At Moscone Center West, San Francisco on Tuesday (13/09/2011), the processors 'no name' is seen only gets power supply from a small battery storage of solar power.

"In addition to saving power, this processor also has a sleek design, so the impact on the shape of a thin notebook," said Paul Otellini, President and Chief Executive Officer, Intel Corporation.

Unfortunately, Intel did not want to disclose the specifications of the processor, codenamed good, speed, number of cores, or the total power consumption is needed. But clearly, this processor has been made ​​with 22nm fabrication.
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Intel Developer Forum 2011 Official Held

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The annual event Intel Developer Forum (IDF) held back. In this event, Intel will reveal if the technologist what would become a trend in the future.

IDF first held in 1997, this event is always filled by the authorities of Intel who will share their visions about the future.

For IDF 2011, Intel will reveal many different types of technologies and features about the security of surf, cloud computing, and ultrabook era.

The event is scheduled to begin 13 September 2011 at the Moscone Center West, San Francisco and was opened by Paul Otellini, President and Chief Executive Officer, Intel Corporation.

This event will reportedly be followed by five thousand participants who are mostly the application developers. Meanwhile, 600 of whom are the media and observers from around the world of technology, including detikINET as the representative of Indonesia.

What are the technologies and innovations that Intel developed this past year? Look forward to any report.
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7 Facts Behind the Popularity Angry Birds

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Angry Birds popular games that are crazy about a lot of people turned out to save the facts interesting to observe.

The game itself is contributing a lot of money for pembesutnya, Rovio. Reported that the company has just received funding of $ 42 million.

Here are exposed some facts behind the success of such an Angry Birds From Mashable, Monday (09/12/2011):

1. Angry Birds has been downloaded 300 million times and so far there are three game series which the issuance of which is: Angry Birds, Birds Angry Angry Birds Seasons and the Rio.

2. Who would have thought that the players Angry Birds spend a total of 200 million minutes per day.

3. The most widely used devices to play it, is the output of products based on Android, followed by Apple products.

4. Known to many gamers play the game 'bird' is through the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, and PC.

5. Angry Birds play also reportedly makes a person feel very relaxed (23%) and make a better mood (58). In fact, not infrequently he makes the players become addicted (54%).

6. Another interesting fact is peeled from the Angry Birds is that there is no 'cure' for those who are addicted to play it.

7. As many as 12% of those who play 25 times Angry Birds prefer to remove it with the aim of preventing them play it again. Then the other 12% was minded to perform this action, but they ultimately chose not to do so and continue playing.
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RIM Agree to Use Dolby Audio Technology

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Dolby Laboratories, voice compression technology company to cancel lawsuit on BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM). Instead, RIM signed a licensing agreement to use Dolby technologies.

June, Dolby filed its lawsuit to RIM. Dolby accused RIM has used his audio compression technology on the BlackBerry and the Playbook without a license should be.

Lawsuit was filed in court the United States and Germany. In his complaint, asking damages for Dolby technology patents that have been used by RIM and seeks to halt BlackBerry sales and Playbook in both countries.

From Reuters on Wednesday (09/14/2011), a company based in San Francisco, United States it says it has now canceled the deal following demands are achieved with RIM.

Dolby said its technology patents to provide core audio compression standard that is widely used in smartphones, portable music players and tablet computers. This technology enables these devices offer high-quality auido transmission and storage capacity is limited.
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Intel's cooperation with Android

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Android Might eventually lure Intel to use the operating system. No doubt, the combination of both were expected to give birth to a phenomenal gadget.

Intel has MeeGo true as their flagship operating system in the realm of gadgets. Yet somehow, since Nokia left the operating system begins to lose its existence.

The existence of MeeGo are now increasingly threatened because Intel chose Andorid as their mobile phone operating system.

Through the event Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2011 in the Moscone Center West, San Francisco on Tuesday (09/13/2011), Intel launched its partnership with Google to develop Android-based phone on Intel architecture.

"By integrating with the architecture of Intel's Android, the Android ecosystem will drive to the next level," said Paul Otellini, President and Chief Executive Officer, Intel Corporation.

Intel's decision was welcomed by Google. Andy Rubin, Android originator insists that it will optimize the Android for Intel architecture.

"Basically, Android is created to optimize the chip, such as graphics capability, multimedia, 3-dimensional applications and so on, and we are pleased to be collaborating with Intel," said Rubin, on the same occasion.

Intel mobile phone with Android operating system is planned to start could be marketed on penghunjung 2011, but unfortunately Intel has not been willing to divulge any vendor who will manufacture the mobile phone.
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Group E-Levine's Conservation Model Concept
"Ethical behaviour is not the display of one's moral rectitude in times of crisis, it is the day-to-day expression of one's commitment to other persons and the ways in which human beings relate to one another in their daily interactions." - Levine, Myra (1972)


Myra E. Levine was born in 1920 in Chicago, the first child in a family of three siblings. Her experience during her father’s frequent illness contributed to her interest in and dedication to nursing. She received a diploma from Cook County School of Nursing in 1944, an SB from the University of Chicago in 1949, and a Masters of Science in nursing from Wayne State University in 1962. Her career in nursing has been varied. Clinically, she held position as private duty nurse, a civilian nurse for the U.S. Army, surgical supervisor, and director of nursing. She held faculty positions at Cook County School of Nursing, Loyola University, Rush University, University of Illinois, Chicago. Levine filled visiting professorship at Tel-aviv University and Recanati School of Nursing, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, both in Israel.

Levine is a charter fellow in the American Academy of Nursing and has been honored by the Illinois Nurses Association. She was the first recipient of Sigma Theta Tau’s Elizabeth Russell Belford Award for teaching excellence. She was granted an honorary doctorate by Loyola University, Chicago, in 1992.

Myra Levine has said that she had no intention of developing a theory when she first began putting her ideas about nursing into writing (Trench, Wallace, & Coberg, 1987). In fact, more than two decades after the initial publication of Introduction to Clinical Nursing (Levine, 1969) she has referred to her work as a theory but prefers to identify at as a conceptual model. She states r=that she was looking in three quarters and for a way to generalize the content, to move away from a procedurally oriented educational process. She was interested in helping nurses realize that every nurse-patient contact leads to a puzzle in relation to nursing care that needs to be solved in an individualized manner. Her work has evolved over the years, with the most recent comprehensive update of the theory published in 1989 and additional discussions in 1990 1991.

Levine (1990) believes that entry into the health care system is associated with giving up some measure of personal independence. To designate the person who has entered the health care system a client reinforces the state of dependency, for a client is a follower. She supports the term patient because patient means sufferer, and dependency is associated with suffering.
It is the condition of suffering that makes it possible to set independence aside and accept the services of another person. It is the challenge of the nurse to provide the individual with appropriate care without losing sight of the individual’s integrity, to honor the care that the patient has placed in the nurse, and to encourage the participation of the individual in his or her own welfare. The patient comes in trust and dependence only for as long as the services of the nurse are needed. The nurse’s goal is always to impart knowledge and strength so that the individual can…walk away…as an independent individual. (p. 199)

It is Levine’s intent that such dependency be very temporary state of affairs (Trench, Wallace, & Coberg, 1987).

In her writings, Levine ( 1989. 1990, 1991) is careful to credit the scientists’ works upon which she was built. In discussing physiological mechanisms, she drew upon Cannon’s (1963) descrioption of the flight and fight response. Selye’s (1956) stress theories provided further information about protection from the hazards of living. Gibson’s (1966) perceptual systems about how people are actively involved in gathering information from their environment to aid them in moving safely through those environments were drawn upon. Erikson’s (1969, 1975) discussions of the influence of environment on development further expanded Levine’s information about the person-environment interaction. Bate’s (1967) description of three types of environment was also important. The works of Dubos (1966), Cohen (1968) and Goldstein (1963) contributed to Levine’s concept of adaptation.

Definition of Nursing, Health and Environment

Nursing is a human interaction designed to promote "wholeness" through adaptation. it course at the interface between the open and fluid boundaries of the person and his environment. nursing care is seen as both supportive and therapeutic. the supportive aspect is designed to maintain a state of wholeness in the face o a client's failing health.

  • "Nursing is a profession as well as an academic discipline, always practiced and studied in concert with all of the disciplines that together from the health sciences"
  • The human interaction relying on communication ,rooted in the organic dependency of the individual human being in his relationships with other human beings
  • Nursing involves engaging in "human interactions"
Goal of Nursing
  • A theory of nursing must recognized the importance of detail of care for a single patient with in an empiric framework that successfully describe the requirement of the all patient
  • A human being is a social animal
  • A human being is an constant interaction with an ever changing society
  • To promote wholeness, realizing that every individual requires a unique and separate cluster of activities
  • The individual integrity is his abiding concern and it is the nurse’s responsibility to assist him to defend and to seek its realization
  • Human being make decision through prioritizing course of action
  • Human being must be aware and able to contemplate objects, condition and situation
  • Human being are agents who act deliberately to attain goal
  • Adaptive changes involve the whole individual
  • A human being has unity in his response to the environment
  • Every person possesses a unique adaptive ability based on one’s life experience which creates a unique message
  • There is an order and continuity to life change is not random
  • A human being respond organismically in an ever changing manner
  • Change is inevitable in life
  • Nursing needs existing and emerging demands of self care and dependant care
  • Nursing is associated with condition of regulation of exercise or development of capabilities of providing care
Nursing Process

I. Assessment

  • Collection of provocative facts through observation and interview of challenges to the internal and external environment using four conservation principles
  • Nurses observes patient for organismic responses to illness, reads medical reports. talks to patient and family
  • Assesses factors which challenges the individual
II. Trophicognosis

  • Nursing diagnosis-gives provocative facts meaning
  • A nursing care judgment arrived at through the use of the scientific process
  • Judgment is made about patient’s needs for assistance

 III. Hypothesis
  • Planning
  • Nurse proposes hypothesis about the problems and the solutions which becomes the plan of care
  • Goal is to maintain wholeness and promoting adaptation
IV. Interventions
  • Testing the hypothesis
  • Interventions are designed based on the conservation principles
  • Mutually acceptable
  • Goal is to maintain wholeness and promoting adaptation

 V. Evaluation
  • Observation of organismic response to interventions
  • It is assesses whether hypothesis is supported or not supported
  • If not supported, plan is revised, new hypothesis is proposed

Definition of Health

Health is a state of being "whole" and just not the absence of a disease. health is socially determined and modified by person's interaction or relationship with other people, particularly family and peers.


  • Health is a wholeness and successful adaptation
  • It is not merely healing of an afflicted part ,it is return to daily activities, selfhood and the ability of the individual to pursue once more his or her own interest without constraints
  • Disease: It is unregulated and undisciplined change and must be stopped or death will ensue

Definition of Environment

The environment is where a person is constantly and actively involved. each individual has his own environment, both internal and external. the internal environment involves the physiologic element, while the external includes three levels: Perception, Operation, and conceptual

I. Internal Environment
  • Homeostasis: A state of energy sparing that also provide the necessary baselines for a multitude of synchronized physiological and psychological factors
  • A state of conservation
  • Homeorrhesis: A stabilized flow rather than a static state
  • Emphasis the fluidity of change within a space-time continuum
  • Describe the pattern of adaptation, which permit the individual’s body to sustain its well being with the vast changes which encroach upon it from the environment

II. External Environment
  • Preconceptual: Aspect of the world that individual are able to intercept
  • Operational: Elements that may physically affects individuals but not perceived by hem: radiation, micro-organism and pollution
  • Conceptual: Part of person's environment including cultural patterns characterized by spiritual existence, ideas, values, beliefs and tradition

Person and the Environment


  • Historicity: Adaptations are grounded in history and await the challenges to which they respond
  • Specificity: Individual responses and their adaptive pattern varies on the base of specific genetic structure
  • Redundancy: Safe and fail options available to the individual to ensure continued adaptation

Organismic Response

  • A change in behavior of an individual during an attempt to adapt to the environment
  • Help individual to protect and maintain their integrity
  • They co-exist
  • There are four types:
           1. Flight or fight: An instantaneous response to real or imagined threat, most primitive response
           2. Inflammatory: response intended to provide for structural integrity and the promotion of healing
           3. Stress: Response developed over time and influenced by each stressful experience encountered by person
           4. Perceptual: Involves gathering information from the environment and converting it in to a meaningful experience

Nine Models of Guided Assessment
  1. Vital’s signs
  2. Body movement and positioning
  3. Ministration of personal hygiene needs
  4. Pressure gradient system in nursing interventions
  5. Nursing determination in provision of nutritional needs
  6. Pressure gradient system in nursing
  7. Local application of heat and cold
  8. Administration of medicine
  9. Establishing an aseptic environment

  • The nurse creates an environment in which healing could occur
  • A human being is more than the sum of the part
  • Human being respond in a predictable way
  • Human being are unique in their responses
  • Human being know and appraise objects ,condition and situation
  • Human being sense ,reflects, reason and understand
  • Human being action are self determined even when emotional
  • Human being are capable of prolonging reflection through such strategists raising questions

 Key Concepts

Conservational Principle

1. Conservation of Energy
Each person requires a balance of energy but there are factors within the person and the external environment that may cause depletion of energy. Refers to balancing energy input and output to avoid excessive fatigue and includes adequate rest, nutrition and exercise.

  • Availability of adequate rest
  • Maintenance of adequate nutrition

2. Conservation of Structural Integrity

For a person to function he has to cover his structural integrity. this is preserving the anatomical structure of the body. Refers to maintaining or restoring the structure of body preventing physical breakdown And promoting healing


  • Assist patient in ROM exercise
  • Maintenance of patient’s personal hygiene
3. Conservation of Personal Integrity

Each person has his own sense of identity and self worth. how do you value yourself. Recognizes the individual as one who strives for recognition, respect, self awareness, selfhood and self determination


  • Recognize and protect patient’s space needs
4. Conservation of Social Integrity

Involves the presence and recognition of the human interaction, particularly with the client's significant others who comprise his support system. An individual is recognized as some one who resides with in a family, a community ,a religious group, an ethnic group, a political system and a nation

  • Position patient in bed to foster social interaction with other patients
  • Avoid sensory deprivation
  • Promote patient’s use of news paper, magazines, radio, and TV
  • Provide support and assistance to family 
Theoretical Assumptions and Uses

1. Conservational Models

Conservational model provides the basis for development of two theories

  • Theory of redundancy
  • Theory of therapeutic intention
Theory of Redundancy

  • Untested ,speculative theory that redefined aging and everything else that has to do with human life
  • Aging is diminished availability of redundant system necessary for effective maintenance of physical and social well being

Theory of Therapeutic Intention

Goal: To seek a way of organizing nursing interventions out of the biological realities which the nurse has to confront.
Therapeutic regimens should support the following goals:
  • Facilitate healing through natural response to disease
  • Provide support for a failing auto regulatory portion of the integrated system
  • Restore individual integrity and well being
  • Theory of therapeutic intention
  • Provide supportive measure to ensures comfort
  • Balance a toxic risk against the threat of disease  
  • Manipulate diet and activity to correct metabolic imbalance and stimulate physiological process
  • Reinforce usual response to create a therapeutic changes

2. Uses

  • Critical, acute or long term care unit
  • Neonates, infant and young children, pregnant young adult and elderly care unit
  • Primary health care
  • OT
  • Community setting

3. Utility of Theory

  • Nursing research
  • Nursing education
  • Nursing administration
  • Nursing practice

Nursing Research

  • Principles of conservation have been used for data collection in various researches
  • Conservational model was used by Hanson et their study of incidence and prevalence of pressure ulcers in hospice patient
  • Newport used principle of conservation of energy and social integrity for comparing the body temperature of infant’s who had been placed on mother’s chest immediately after birth with those who were placed in warmer

Nursing Education 
  • Conservational model was used as guidelines for curriculum development
  • It was used to develop nursing undergraduate program at Allentown college of St.Francis de sales, Pennsylvania
  • Used in nursing education program sponsored by Kapat Holim in Israel

Nursing Administration

  • Taylor described an assessment guide for data collection of neurological patients which forms basis for development of comprehensive nursing care plan and thus evaluate nursing care
  • McCall developed an assessment tool for data collection on the basis of four conservational principles to identify nursing care needs of epileptic patients
  • Family assessment tool was designed by Lynn-Mchale and Smith for families of patient in critical care setting

Nursing Practice
  • Conservational model has been used for nursing practice in different settings
  • Bayley discussed the care of a severely burned teenagers on the basis of four conservational principles and discussed patient’s perceptual, operational and conceptual environment
  • Pond used conservation model for guiding the nursing care of homeless at a clinic, shelters or streets
Nursing Management Utilizing Myra Levine's Conservation Model


     Mrs. RL is a 47-year-old female rushed to the emergency room due to onset of sudden severe chest pain radiating to the left arm and left angle of the jaw associated with diaphoresis, nausea, vomiting, and shortness of breath. Initial vital signs as follows: T=37.0 °C, CR=110 bpm, RR=30 rpm, BP=140/90 mmHg. Oxygen was administered at 2-4 lpm via nasal cannula. Morphine 4mg was administered intravenously as ordered. 12-lead ECG shows ST-elevation consequently a medical diagnosis of Acute Coronary Syndrome ST-segment elevation Myocardial Infarction was made. Intravenous fluid resuscitation was initiated with PNSS 1L at KVO regulation. Metoclopramide 1 ampule was administered intravenously for nausea and vomiting. She was instructed nothing per orem temporarily.
     Aside from the chief complaint, a non-healing wound was noticed on Mrs. RL’s right foot. Medical history confirms Diabetes Mellitus Type II. Capillary blood glucose reads 314 mg/dl and a rescue dose of Humulin R 10 units was administered intravenously as ordered.

Nursing Management:
Conservation of Energy
Energy must be conserved to prevent precipitation of the clinical distress brought about by the medical condition of Mrs. RL. Our client is prone to activity intolerance therefore provision of complete bed rest with commode privileges for 24 to 48 hours may address this problem. The goal is to prevent further myocardial tissue injury, maximize tissue perfusion, and reduce tissue demands. Energy is conserved to promote oxygenation and tissue perfusion. Instructions must be given to the patient regarding avoidance of over fatigue. Oxygen therapy must be ensured at appropriate regulation and tolerance. Position the client in Semi-Fowler’s to allow greater diaphragm expansion thereby lung expansion and better carbon dioxide-oxygen exchange. Assist the client in feeding and performing self-hygiene to minimize the efforts provided by the patient in such activities. Most importantly, anticipate the needs of the client.
Conservation of Structural Integrity
Daily wound care must be rendered over the non-healing wound of Mrs. RL on her right foot. Prevention of infection is the goal to minimize further damage. Healing should be promoted as soon as possible. Cleanse the wound properly and apply prescribed topical medications by the physician. Keep wound dressing intact over the affected area. Administer prescribed antibiotics ordered. Aside from focusing on the wound per se, capillary blood glucose levels must be under tight controls. Determine the signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia and respond accordingly with appropriate insulin therapy

Conservation of Personal Integrity
Hospitalization is a great stressor to the well-being of an individual. Promote relief of anxiety and well-being by providing an opportunity for Mrs. RL to explore concerns and to identify alternative methods of coping as necessary. Promote a positive attitude and active participation of Mrs. RL in her care during her stay in the hospital. Build up a constructive nurse-patient relationship. Use an emphatic approach when caring. Deal with the Mrs. RL as a person with specific needs rather than a patient requiring merely medical help. Make her feel more comfortable with the nurse by calling her by her name rather than bed number. Help her feel that she is respected and treated with dignity. Provide privacy through proper draping and screening when performing commode activities such as perineal hygiene, diaper change, changing of hospital gown, bed bath, and the like. Promote independence and autonomy in the course of her hospitalization. In short, “put yourself into the shoes of your client” to maintain effectively his/ her personal integrity.
Conservation of Social Integrity
Encourage friends and relatives to visit the patient during visiting hours. This provides Mrs. RL of a sense of security in an unfamiliar environment and would relieve the anxiety brought about by present hospitalization.

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Group E-Levine's Conservation Model Concept
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