RIM Agree to Use Dolby Audio Technology

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Dolby Laboratories, voice compression technology company to cancel lawsuit on BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM). Instead, RIM signed a licensing agreement to use Dolby technologies.

June, Dolby filed its lawsuit to RIM. Dolby accused RIM has used his audio compression technology on the BlackBerry and the Playbook without a license should be.

Lawsuit was filed in court the United States and Germany. In his complaint, asking damages for Dolby technology patents that have been used by RIM and seeks to halt BlackBerry sales and Playbook in both countries.

From Reuters on Wednesday (09/14/2011), a company based in San Francisco, United States it says it has now canceled the deal following demands are achieved with RIM.

Dolby said its technology patents to provide core audio compression standard that is widely used in smartphones, portable music players and tablet computers. This technology enables these devices offer high-quality auido transmission and storage capacity is limited.
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