Action 'clearance' does Hewlett-Packard (HP) on the TouchPad continues. The program even helped take advantage of HP's employees are curious interest with the tablet PC product.

In a memo circulated among employees of HP, quoted from Techcrunch, Monday (09/19/2011), noted that sales to insiders will be conducted from 28 September 2011.

It is not known in detail at what price TouchPad to HP's own employees. But as a comparison, the clearance action of retailers HP - like at Best Buy, Amazon, and others - previously sold off TouchPad at USD 99 for 16 GB version and $ 149 for 32 GB, or down about $ 300.

As is known, HP has indeed made ​​the decision to stop production of tablets and smartphones based WebOS, where TouchPad became one of his victims.

As a result, after draining the contents of the warehouse, the IT companies from the United States it makes a big decision to give a discount like crazy to boost sales TouchPad devices.

The strategy proved effective to lure buyers. Even HP will 'turn' back to touchpad devices because of a surge in demand resulting stock market TouchPad at retailers and online stores sold out and left disappointment in many prospective buyers.

HP Party in its official statement saying, "Instead of announcing the cessation of production hardware based WebOS, we have decided to produce TouchPad last resort, to meet existing demand," according to as reported by the HP website.

However, it remains asserted that after that they will no longer continue to produce TouchPad. "HP will stop the development of tools WebOS during our fourth fiscal quarter in 2011," he concluded.
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