Flash Present at the iPhone and iPad

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Public technological know, Apple and Adobe have never gotten along. It is impossible to imagine the Adobe Flash can run on Apple gadgets. But Adobe does not seem to give up, software makers from the United States released a new package that enables Flash is present on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Adobe just released Flash Media Server 4.5 and Access 3.0 on Adobe Flash technology IBC event in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. These software packages that convert Flash file format compatible with Apple promoted the so-called Http Live Streaming.

"Flash Media Server 4.5 allows the publisher menstreaming Flash content to IOS-based devices that support the Safari browser is not needed IOS," Adobe said in a statement.

With Flash Media Server 4.5 and Flash Access 3.0, Adobe stated that reported by Business Insider, they allow the business to reach more consumers and penetrated into various devices.

"It will also help them increase the impact of video experience, enhance their brand and of course encourage the success of their businesses," said Adobe.

Some time ago Apple boss Steve Jobs said as the reason why the iPad not compatible with Flash. According to Jobs, Flash has the potential to undermine the iPad battery life. According to Jobs, the battery will only be able to last 1.5 hours with Flash, from the first 10 hours.

Apple and Adobe relationship has indeed been a long walk is not harmonious. Apple never mentions Flash takes up less memory and battery power eroding. Steve Jobs, who was then still serving as CEO of Apple even commented by saying Flash ancient spicy.

While Adobe responded by calling the absence of Flash on Apple because of Apple's own gadgets that make up the issue and they have limited sources of income Adobe.
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