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Last week, Google posted a YouTube video featuring impressions of Google Wallet with a star named George Costanza. This video shows an indication that Google's digital wallet service that immediately come soon.

For those who are not familiar with George Costanza, he is one of the characters in the series Seinfield sitcom that aired on TV stations United States (U.S.).

George Costanza wallet very memorable viewers in one episode. George is told to bring my wallet so thick that is placed in his back pocket. I was so thick, he had difficulty sitting and hassles when going to spend money.

It seems that Google's attempt to attract users' attention by engaging character George Costanza. Internet giant is also cites a story about Costanza wallet to describe all the convenience that users get when using Google Wallet.

Reported by The Washington Post and quoted on Monday (9/19/2011), Google did not say when the official launch of the digital wallet service. But the NFC World Congress event which will take place tomorrow in the French Riviera reinforce these indications.

"Google is not listed as a speaker or exhibitor at the event, but its primary partner in the Google Wallet service, MasterCard, became the official sponsor," the report said.

Last May, Google has introduced Google Wallet to the audience. Digital wallet service allows consumers to use their phones when going to make a payment.

Payment by moving the phone in front of a sensing device is offered by Google in collaboration with MasterCard and Citibank. Google also took the telecom operators, handset makers and retailers.

In the first project, Google's digital wallet will be available in the U.S. on Nexus S Google. If it has been widely introduced, it is believed this service will be expanded not only in the U.S. but also other countries including in Asia.

Executive Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt had said last July, the ability to perform the functions of Android phones as digital wallets a matter of time to enter Asia.
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