Apple has just blocked a rough game that contains content and make it angry iPhone producers. Moreover, one of the displayed content is about a suicide.

Suicide has featured in the game is unsparing, which makes the employees at the company Foxconn as a character.

This game was named Phone Story exist in the App Store for 7 hours before being 'kicked'. These mini games, as quoted by TechCrunch on Wednesday (14/09/2011), made ​​by Molleindustria from Italy.

There are 4 main sections shown in the game are:

  1. Coltan mining in which the player plays a character who served in the mining and forced the workers to continue production.
  2. Suicide (suicide) in which players are required to capture the Foxconn workers who attempted suicide by jumping from the building.
  3. Obsolescence in which the player is required to solicit the consumer at the Apple Store when there are new products being released.
  4. eWaste in which players are invited to see the effects of the disposal of electronic waste.

"We remove the application because it violates the rules," said Tom Neumyar, a spokesman for Apple. A number of rules aimed at developers of them mentioned that an application that contains violence and inappropriate content will be removed.

Foxconn itself is manufacturing the device that Apple had indeed been under the spotlight sharply due to a series of suicide of workers in manufacturing in China. This action allegedly related to working conditions there are extremely harsh.
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