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Sonic Boom! For fans of the genre of fighting must be very familiar with the warcry, which is spoken by Guile from Street Fighter game series. But so you know, it turns out Sonic Boom is a term that actually exist in the real world!

Sonic boom is the sound associated with the waves created by supersonic aircraft flight effects. Sonic booms generated from a collection of sound energy is large enough that sounds like a blast. Small version of the sonic boom is the sound of bullets whizzing after fired from a rifle.

Causes of Sonic Boom
When an object is moving in the air, the object is to create a series of pressure waves in the front and rear. Waves moving with the speed of sound and when the object speed increases, the wave is solidified until finally united into a single wave speed of sound. Mach 1 Speed ​​dubbed it reaches 1.225 km / h (761 mph) above the water surface boundary and a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. In smooth flight, the advent of sound waves from the plane's nose begins and ends in the tail. Since the directions around the plane and direction pernerbangan equivalent then the resulting wave-shaped Mach cone. The faster the plane cruised the more pointy cone waveform. The reason is the rising pressure in the nose, but was reduced step by step into the negative pressure in the tail and be followed by sudden changes in normal pressure when the object is moving.

Overpressure profile is also known as N because the wave shape. "Boom" is created when there is a sudden change in pressure so that the wave of N resulted in two booms: first when the initial pressure came from the nose, followed by a second wave that is created when the tail motion and pressure returned to normal. Double boom supersonic aircraft is usually generated by a range of F/A-18 Hornet, F-22 Raptor or the SR-71 Blackbird. When maneuvering, the pressure distribution changes into different shapes with characteristic U-shaped waves Since the boom created by supersonic aircraft moves continuously during the trail, dubbed the boom carpet pernerbangan will appear. Its width depends on the height pernerbangan. Strength, volume, and the waves generated by the sonic boom depends on the quantity of air is accelerated, too large and form a plane.

When the aircraft flight speed increases, the more dense shock cone around the fuselage and then stretched at very high speed until no boom is heard. Aircraft longer creates a boom that is weaker than the small plane. Some small wave boom can be created by aftershocks from the wing, especially the engine inlet. The subsequent wave caused the air is forced to turn around the point of convex, the back menggenerasikan supersonic waves. Subsequent waves typically move faster than the first wave.

The resulting sonic boom sound depending on the distance of the observer and the form of supersonic aircraft or other vehicles. A sonic boom is usually heard as a bang when the aircraft has reached a certain distance and speed. Even the sound sonic boom generated by the spacecraft looked more like an explosion! Is a common misperception that only one boom that is created during the transition from subsonic to supersonic, because in fact created a boom continued throughout the flight. Uniquely, the pilots who flew the planes actually did not hear the sound effects, and they can only see the pressure waves generated by the movement of aircraft, without hearing his voice. Sonic booms can also be generated by a supersonic vehicle on land; one of them is ThrustSSC as the first land vehicle that broke the sound barrier!

In addition the composition of air in the atmosphere is also one important factor, besides temperature, humidity, pollution and wind, which affects how hard the sound could be heard the sonic boom. Even the plain where people stand can affect the votes received from the sonic boom. Plain with a solid track type and a large hardware or building can cause reflections that extend the sound of a sonic boom. On the other hand, grassland weakened and the pressure of a sonic boom. Some of the traditional characteristics of the sonic boom N waves may affect how loud the sound heard by people on the mainland. The intensity and length of a sonic boom depends on the physical characteristics of the aircraft and how to operate. In general, the higher the aircraft the lower the pressure on land.

In Street Fighter game series, although initially introduced by Guile in Street Fighter II, but the Sonic Boom is a trademark owned stance Guile and Charlie. While still serving as a Lieutenant in the United States Air Force, he was friendly with the boss Charlie and asked him to teach his fighting style. Although managed to master the fighting style of Charlie's, but its tempramental make Guile can not pull out the maximum moment. That is the reason why Guile had to use two hands to remove the Sonic Boom attack, while Charlie was using only one hand.
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