Galaxy II is a smartphone that occupies the highest caste in the range of handsets made ​​by Samsung. Inevitably, this South Korean vendors include a variety of its current technology in the Galaxy II. And after use, Android smartphone this one is mighty in many ways. Let's look at what permissibility Galaxy II

Samsung seems obsessed with making gadgets super thin. After the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets had the title of world's thinnest, S Galaxy II was also included in the ranks of the thinnest smartphones universal. Its thickness is only 8.49 mm.

In addition to thin, Galaxy S II is also very light weight. Just imagine, weighs only 116 grams. The dominant material of the plastic cell phone seems to be the biggest factor why it lightly in the palm of your smartphone.

True, materials from plastics to reduce the impression of premium mobile phones berbanderol above Rp 5 million. Perhaps the user is also concerned with robustness Galaxy S II. But on the other hand, the material of the plastic makes the phone more comfortable to hold. Especially in the back, there is a texture so that the hand grip does not feel slippery.

At the bottom of the screen measuring 4.3 inches, there are three buttons. That is the home button, menu button and back button. At the top, only found the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack. At the bottom, there is also just USB plug for charging or connecting the phone with a PC.

On the right side of the body, we will find the power button which also serves as a screen lock. While there is a button on the left side volume. Regrettably, the Galaxy S II is not equipped with a physical button for the camera so it might be a bit inconvenient for those not familiar splatter with virtual buttons.

Super Screen AMOLED Plus

Super Screen AMOLED Plus may be considered just a mere promotional language to add value to sell. But in reality, the technology really makes the screen Galaxy II appear so bright.

The colors displayed in bright, with each color stood out. That is, the red color really looks red and likewise with the other colors.

To see what kind of crystal clear and to prove the claim here is not excessive, it seems the user needs to see it for yourself. If set in a maximum brightness, the screen S Galaxy II is also quite well readable even in sunlight though.

Samsung buried his trademark user interface, TouchWiz version 4.0 in S Galaxy II. TouchWiz provides a variety of customization on top of the Android interface to provide some convenience to users, miisalnya in arranging widgets on the homescreen.

Samsung also includes software built which has various functions. Such as Social Hub for organizing the use of social networking users. There is also a Reader Hub, Hub and Game Music Hub. Everything serves to facilitate users to access and download services online book, music and games.

8 Megapixel Camera & Battery 1650 mAh

Galaxy II confident with resolution 8-megapixel camera-mounted light flash. The picture, especially outdoors, can be relied upon. Likewise in the room, where flash is quite helpful. Still, there is the impression noise in indoor shooting conditions.

Galaxy II also had a 2-megapixel front camera. To access it, users simply press the camera application and then touch the menu at the left of the screen bearing the camera rotated.

Galaxy II was able to record full HD (High Definition) 1080p. Predictably, the result of recording the video looks real as the original with a good level of brightness. This phone is competent enough to record those precious moments without worrying about the video quality would be a mess.

Samsung Li Ion battery provides 1650 mAh at the Galaxy II. As the Android phone with a widescreen and a variety of applications that should be in online state, it quickly drains the battery if the phone is used continuously. In normal usage, the phone more or less able to survive for about 20 hours.

Sector provides the physical speaker sound output mediocre. As usual, we feel the sound clarity when headphones are used. Of course, with good quality headphones, playing music or video sound clear and steady.


Galaxy II using 1.2 GHz dual core processor, one of the most powerful processors in the ranks of the EDAR Android smartphone today. He also brought a 1 GB of RAM. Not just looks grim on paper, the performance of S Galaxy II is reliable.

Shifts are seamless menus, quick access to applications that is one proof of this handset include Android performing the most qualified. For example, when accessing the Gallery application, photos and video appear so quickly. In Quadrant measurement benchmarks, the scores are more translucent 3000.

The phone had no trouble at all in high definition video playback. Format that can be played is P4/DivX/XviD/WMV/H.264/H.263. Software in the Galaxy II is also stable, so the testing time is quite long, may not find the phone crashes or hangs.

With hardwware qualified and complete connectivity, Internet access became a pleasant experience. Load a web page is rapid. Even the look of the website to handle the desktop version, S Galaxy II did not experience difficulty. Powerful indeed.


It's hard not to praise the Galaxy II. Strong performance, body thinness and fineness of the screen makes Galaxy II is undoubtedly one of the top Android phone in the market today. Multimedia sector handled satisfactorily.

Of course the phone is not free from reproach. For example the dominant body of plastic that reduces the impression elegannnya or absence of a camera button. But it's probably only a minor deficiency if they see many advantages diusungnya. Galaxy II can be redeemed at a price range of USD 5.5 million.

- The screen is very clear
- Performance-powered
- Cameras reliable
- Super slim body

- The dominant plastic body
- There is no physical button camera

Key Specifications:

- Gingerbread Android OS
- Processor 1.2 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9, Mali-400MP GPU, chipset Exynos
- Rear 8MP Camera, 2MP front
- 16GB/32GB Internal Memory, 1 GB RAM
- Battery Li-Ion 1650 mAh
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