Street Fighter X Tekken Games not only presents the topnotch fighter. In terms of features, this game scuffles can also do customization in the character.

This feature will mentioned not only the fighters can change in terms of appearance, but also the movement of the characters to their timing when launching moves.

In short, the gamers would still be many who will use the character as a champion Ryu. But of course they waited for Ryu character with new flavors.

Street Fighter X Tekken producer, Yoshinori Ono said, the game system in this game will appear more attractive, more than just changes to the costumes used by the hero.

Indeed, when compared with the series 'traditional', the character of this game is still the same. But the difference is a game system that promises to change drastically.

This feature allows players to customize characters, so they are not all the same, said Ono quoted from GameSpot, Monday (19/09/2011)

Ono is still not unpacked Street Fighter X Tekken in detail. Including how the process of changing the style in question. To be sure, Ono promised to further review this game in the event the New York Comic-Con.
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