Various new features and additional services Google + (G +) has been launched by Google to increase the use and number of users in recent time.

It had been almost two months since it was launched June 28 by the number of users, according to, about 30 million of which 8 million users are from the United States. Recapitulation of features and services in the next paragraph.

July 8. G + G + Chrome Extension in the webstore. G + Facebook CrossRider to add the extension of our streams up to G + is one extension of about 60 extensions are available for the Google Chrome browser.

July 19. + Google application for iPhone. Shortly after launch, the application is directly located at the top free apps list (free app) on the AppStore.

July 21. Fridge and Acquisition Integration with G +. Fridge social networking sites are acquired, planned to be integrated with this project.

August 5. Open Registration. For those who want to have a G + account sufficient to register with a Gmail email account.

August 8. Usability Study. Users can provide advice, ideas, complaints and compliments to the team of G + developers. These studies form interviews, group discussions and fill out the questionnaire.

August 8. G + applications on the AppStore. Available for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, a free application and versioned 5.5 MB file size is needed IOS 4.0 and above. In addition to "Circle" and "Stream" there are also features "Huddle" to send and receive messages to the group. Unfortunately geotagging option can not be activated or nonaktifasi while doing post, and not support landscape position.

August 10. Google Sites Blog + Platform. Blog at site is a source of information and official announcements G + project. The first post was written by David Glazer, Google's Engineering Director. Plusser majority prefer a stream in account the G + compared with blogspot because they simply "monitor" information and the announcement with a "single console" only.
August 10. The existence of the home page link on the page that you can inform colleagues who are interested to register themselves in G +.

August 11. Social Games. It is planned to be released gradually, at an early stage can start 16 games already enjoyed by the gaming addicts. Zynga Zynga of Poker,  Diamond Dash of Wooga, Blitz from PopCap Bejeweled, Angry Birds of Rovio and Sudoko are some popular games are launched.

Being in a separate stream and can be accessed through the "Games" button next to "Circle", the user has complete control, especially when they see, with whom to play, how to play, and share information about the status of the game.

Farmville and Mafia Wars, the two most popular games made by Zynga, expected to be present at a later stage. So far, Crime City is a popular game in G +.

As presented by David Glazer that the user experience and developer experience is preferred so that the quality of games being released far more important than quantity. Game development company and a new game, including access to the API and SDK will be added over time.

Currently access to the API and SDK are only opened for the big game developers.

Social Market Games, which became one of the prima donna to monetize social networks, are very seductive. ThinkEquity, renowned investment bank, predicts that sales of virtual goods, with exponential growth, will reach 20.3 billion dollars in 2014.

August 12. Integration with Social Search. Post by users will appear in Social Search. Google's Social Search is a project two years ago that combines search results with social search regular search results.

August 13. Policy on behalf of the user. Users expect to use his real name with the order of first name, middle name (if any) and surname (if any). Nicknames are allowed on the condition set forth at the nickname. The use of special characters are not diperolehkan.

The user wishes to use "popular name" may later be accommodated with a section for "aliases". To distinguish users with the same full name, can utilize the profile photo.

August 20. The information submitted by Denise Ho, Google + Photos Product Manager, that user can select their profile pictures using web cameras and the availability of an option to send a personal message if there is change your profile picture.

August 20. After the game,  Another added feature is a video layanan conference with other users while watching a video from YouTube site using G + Hangout. Click the "Share" to YouTube videos and the option will appear which is "Start a Google + Hangout". At the launch late last June, which can be done fellow users are watching YouTube videos via Hangouts.

August 21. Verified Account. Google will begin verifying user accounts, especially accounts celebrities and public figures. Subsequent verification will be conducted among the general public. Accounts of this type will be marked with the text "verified name" to the right of the name of the account owner.

The goal is to ensure the "authenticity" account that account is indeed owned by the user in question. Unfortunately, this status can not be seen if the use of Android applications.

August 24. Users can already see the information to anyone in the post photo albums by other users regardless of whether it was intended for "extended circle", or "limited" circle.

From the standpoint of privacy, few users actually want the opposite, where the other user information is not displayed. Another desire is to do the tagging of photos using a mobile app, both on the Android platform and the IOS.

As of this writing, five large accounts with the most followers occupied by Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Pete Cashmore, and Ray William Johnson.

Information from and mention that users are still predominantly male, with a percentage of 70.3% where most users work as engineers, developers, designers, students and writers.
There will still be lots of new features and additional services provided in the future. Integration with other Google products like Google Docs and Google Music awaited enough users. Citing Vic Gundotra, this project will become the realm of social networking "real".
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