Game farming and livestock are virtual in Farmville has captivated millions of Facebook users. Not surprisingly, the popularity of this game is a direct shot. But now there are new entrants that compete with its popularity, The Sims Social.

Avatar published games Electronic Arts (EA) is reported to grow faster than Farmville. One week after the newest version was released, The Sims Social successfully embrace the 4.6 million players logging in every day. This makes it immediately flew into the top 10 most popular games on Facebook.

EA certainly enjoyed this growth and the pembesut Farmville Zynga seems to be immediately aware of the presence of new competitors. In just two weeks, The Sims Social successfully jumped over nine games including the issue of Empires & Allies Poker, Texas Hold 'Em, Pioneer Trail and of course, Farmville.

Reported by Mashable and quoted on Saturday (09/10/2011), according to tracking site Facebook, in the last 24 hours, there are 9.3 million people play The Sims Social. While 8.1 million people play Farmville.
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