Sales of BlackBerry Playbook tablet device reportedly does not match expectations. Therefore the manufacturer RIM will perform a variety of ways to boost sales, including by making price cuts.

Reportedly, the number of shipments and sales tools BlackBerry Playbook quite far behind competitors such as Samsung Galaxy Tab and especially the iPad. RIM co-chief executive, Mike Lazaridis also said that his company will begin running a number of programs to stimulate sales.

Intensive courses for business people is one of the programs they are going to run. Lazaridis also said it was square off for the discount price Playbook although it has not said how much the discount will be offered.

In addition to the above programs, a number of additions will be done in software fiturpun Playbook its 2.0 which will be announced in October. The software will bring the native e-mail, calendar, contacts, video stores and also she has support Android applications.

Quoted from Cnet, on Friday (16/09/2011), this software will soon be available to the public immediately after their introduction.
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