Clever Computer can tell Pain

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Has it occurred that the computer could tell the pain? If it could talk, perhaps this device will inform us. Did you know, it turns out this can indeed happen.

Researchers in the United States (U.S.) conducted a test. The result, computers can not talk when someone is sick because it has been specially trained to do so.

Reported by Reuters and quoted on Wednesday (14/09/2011), scientists at Stanford University in California, the U.S. used the learning software for classifying the data generated from the results of brain scans and detects when a person feels sick.

"The question we are trying to answer is, can we use an imaging tool to objectively detect whether someone is in pain or not. The answer, I can," said Sean Mackey, who led the study.

Currently, most doctors rely on answers from the patients themselves to determine whether they are sick or not. And sometimes there are certain patients such as children, elderly or suffering from dementia can not tell you the pain. With this computer, which spared the pain of diganosa doctors can be known easily.

"We really hope this technology can display the result of better detection of disease so that it can provide better care for chronic diseases," said Mackey.
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