One of the fun features that can be used in Jade Dynasty is the Esper. What is Esper? Equip this esper is useful for your character, because the Esper can add a status grew in each level.

In addition, you can use the Esper makes Skyblades that can fly you. Another plus of Esper is to help you hunt down monsters as long as you are not on the computer.

Also your character will get EXP and item by itself!

Esper is the first time can be obtained at the City of the Sun or Kingdom of Heaven after you complete the Quest Mandatory. Of course this is not the first Esper Esper only will you get.
Another Esper can be obtained through Quest, Esper and other traders. Esper of the most difficult to obtain is the most powerful Esper.

Let us know Esper:

1. Main Bar Esper.
At the Main Bar Esper slots are special and only the skills and special items that can be put in the slot:

    * Skill Esper: Esper Only skill that can be put in this slot
    * HP: Only items that can add the HP can be put in this slot
    * SP: Only items that can add SP can be put in this slot
    * VG: Only items that can add Vigor can be put in this slot
    * EN: This is a slot which is very important that Esper running, ie Esper
    * Energy. Only items that can add Esper energy in put in this slot.

In addition there are three buttons that you can adjust the settings according to your wishes and the Keys to issue Skyblade you use.

2. The second bar Esper.
At the Bar Both Esper there were 10 slots that contain 3 for the goods you need when hunting like to add HP or SP, and the remaining seven slots to place skill-a skill that you need when hunting.
Everything in Bar Second Esper can set the time as you wish that you need, whether the goods when hunt supporters as well as skill.
For setting the bar Esper Second skill you can see the explanation below:

If you press the second button on the right Esper, Invigorate menu will appear. This menu is used to regulate the use of Pot, retrieval items, and range use of skill.

1. Setting Auto-Recover:
Setting percentage and time out you can adjust as needed you want.
* HP <= If your HP is less than 50% HP then you will automatically be added every 2 seconds.
* SP <= If your SP is less than 50% then automatically SP you will be added for every 2 seconds.
* Vigor <= If you Vigor less than 70% then automatically Vigor you will be added for every 2 seconds

2. The capture of goods,
You can arrange to pick up goods at the drop of a monster from the settings from here, either quest items, provisions or any other items.

    * All the items are: Take all the items in good dropkan by monster quest items, provisions or any other items.
    * No goods: If you want to focus on the hunt, you could checklist here, because you will not take goods in dropkan by monsters.
    * Goods are taken: this checklist if you just want to collect items that are used to add a provision to fraksimu donation.
    * Not taking things: You just take things other than goods provision.

3. Skill Settings
At the bottom is the skills menu. numbers in each box shows the Esper waiting period to use the skill again. It's good to see you guys cooldown skills to ensure these skills to work effectively. For example the skill has a cooldown for 1 minute, then these skills should be reused after 60 seconds, so as not to waste Spirit.

But, if you do not need this skill out continuously, you can add a second time according to what you want. If you prefer not using a Skill, you can check the option "Disable Skills". Once finished setting all the parts you can press the button "Confirm"

Well, the interesting feature is not it? Hopefully with this feature and an explanation, you can enjoy your new adventure at the Jade Dynasty! Congratulations adventure in the World Jade Dynasty.
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