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Microsoft introduced Windows 8, the newest operating system. Windows 8 presents the user interface is completely new, dubbed the Metro. It looks similar to Windows Phone 7 in which applications are arranged in the form of boxes.

In addition to the display interface Metro, the user can also choose to use the appearance of Desktop View. This view is optimized for navigation on a PC computer. Indeed, Windows 8 is expected to function equally well on PCs and tablets.

This is the era of tablet computers that Microsoft will inevitably have to follow it. Windows 7 it ​​can also be used in tablet computers, but not optimal. Windows 8 was a mainstay of Microsoft to compete with the iPad or Android.

Microsoft says there are many new features in Windows 8 which does not exist in previous versions. And the interface is completely new, Windows 8 is expected to be more successful than previous generations. Not yet clear exactly when Microsoft will release Windows 8 predicted in 2012.

Here are some of the look of Windows 8

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