A BlackBerry with a shape that deviates radically from the grip up on the internet. Mysterious handset has not been confirmed its existence by RIM BlackBerry manufacturer, giving rise to some speculation.

Chances are, these handsets is the BlackBerry 9980, BlackBerry 9900/9930 prototype, a luxury version of the BlackBerry handsets or just a fake made ​​by a third-party handsets. Nickname variety, from the BlackBerry Knight, R47 until Porsche Proceedings.

Reportedly, she wore the BlackBerry OS 7, has WI Fi, 3G, and NFC (Near Field Communication). Sources who leaked the photos say it as a luxury edition of the BlackBerry phones.

Unclear specification, price or when the handset is launched. Perhaps its different forms is the refreshment of the design effort so far are impressed BlackBerry similar to each other.

BlackBerry is still quite popular in the smart phone segment, but began keteteran against Android and Apple iPhone.
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