Reportedly not as sexy as the netbook market first. The advent of tablet computers a bit much to erode sales of the mini-sized laptops. But in Indonesia, this phenomenon has not happened yet rated. Why?

"I see in some countries does happen like that where the market takes a little tablet netbook. But in Indonesia, the segment is still a bit different because we know the price is still above the tablet," Melton said Ciputra, Product Manager of Asus Indonesia in Jakarta, Tuesday (13 / 9 / 2011).

Melton added, consumer tablet computers in the country is still limited in the upper middle class. While netbooks are targeting the middle to lower.

X101 netbook that Asus has just launched, is also targeting mid-market down. Therefore, banderolnya pegged quite affordable, in the range of USD 2 million.

Asus itself has thrown a computer tablet Eee Pad Transformers in Indonesia. Melton claims received this tablet is pretty good because it has a dock where the sale price of the keyboard so that he can change shape so a kind of netbook.

Asked about how many sales figures, Melton could not mention because it is still in the stage of the calculation. On the other hand, he is optimistic that the market share of Android-based tablets such as the Eee Pad Transformers will continue to increase.

"Indeed, today we see the tablet is controlled by the iPad, but gradually tablets Android would be increased and we do not want to miss if it happens," added the man was wearing glasses.
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