In the midst of competitive browser market, Google Chrome comes with. Despite having had more than 160 million active subscribers worldwide, but the Internet giant was not yet confident enough to claim to be number one in Indonesia.

"We have not told us the number one, because the user's browser is diverse, and many other browsers are also available with a variety of attractive features," said Indonesia Country Consultant, Google, Henky Prihatna, on the sidelines of a campaign to "Make Internet Covering an area of ​​creations' in Bengkel Cafe, Jakarta, Tuesday (13/09/2011).

Henky also could not name the exact figure how many Google users in Indonesia, especially users of Google Chrome. But surely, he said, Google is always determined to provide the best services required by users.

"Indonesia is the fourth largest market in Asia after China, India, and Japan. This shows that Indonesian society is ready to engage and inspire others through the internet. Here our role as service providers," he said.

Google with Chrome browser besutannya, he said, was designed using the latest research approaches under development for the past few years. Henky said, Google's focus on three main components, namely: speed, convenience, and security.

For speed, Google built a new JavaScript engine using an experimental technique called V8. JavaScript engine is used when performing the process of weight when running complex web applications like Gmail or Facebook.

"We did not stop there, the latest version of our V8 demokan in December 2010, was 300% faster than our first version," he said.

Then for convenience, Google also apply this philosophy of simplicity in features Omnibox, which combines the search box and the box the URL (site address) into one section.

"We are aware, most people do not need a menu file taking too much space above, the tab should be flexible and intuitive, and the browser is also supposed to disappear as a background only," said Henky.

Lastly on security, Chrome also comes with phishing and malware detectors that will automatically provide a warning when you visit the site harmful to the computer. Each tab also features an additional layer named "Sandbox" which will limit the interaction site pages with our computers.

"This means that if the breaker can find weaknesses in a site, he should be able to compromise with the Sandbox, which makes it twice as hard to be affecting your computer," added Henky.

Google Chrome itself began to attend the September 2008 beta version, and release version in December that year. In the event Google I / O in 2010, Chrome already has more than 70 million active users. And in the event I / O 2011, that number had doubled to 160 million active users.
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