Google may succeed everywhere, but not in China. That is the underlying company to make another attempt to reap revenue from China, namely the extended e-commerce.

To test its success, Google released a new portal called Google Shihui. He is a search feature to help people find the deal (deal) through dozens of websites, or buying group that offers discounts.

The site is still beta format can be accessed through the domain Google as is known in the past year shut down its search engine at, and ad pages link to Hong Kong in search engines

"Shihui are in their infancy and we are working with the partners to see what features can increase traffic to their site and what features that help users to get the best deals," said Google spokesman, Robin Moroney.

With the establishment of Shihui sites, Google also allows his company to step into this realm without having to build a buying group company in China, from PCWorld, Wednesday (14/09/2011).

Companies that use a collective purchase system to get the discount (buying group) belonging to the United States, previously Groupun also tried his luck in China but in fact he lost competitiveness and eventually firing hundreds of employees.

Google was also sluggish in China, especially when dealing with strict rules and Internet censorship in China.

"This is a business area a neutral and secure place where Google can participate without risk is too great. Google is still interested in developing business in China," said Mark Natkin, managing director of Marbridge Consulting.
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