Hewlett-Packard (HP) will 'turn' back to touchpad devices. This decision was taken after seeing the explosion of demand for OS-based devices some time ago.

Demand is high enough this happens when HP do sales like crazy with TouchPad price cut of $ 300.

As a result, stock TouchPad at a number of retailers and online stores sold out and left disappointment in many prospective buyers. That is why HP decided to reproduce TouchPad though only in limited quantities.

HP's party in his official statement saying, "Instead of announcing the cessation of production webOS based hardware, we have decided to produce TouchPad last resort, to meet existing demand," said as quoted detikINET from HP official website on Wednesday (31/08/2011) .

However, it remains asserted that after that they will no longer continue to produce TouchPad. "HP will stop the development of tools WebOS during our fourth fiscal quarter in 2011," said HP.

HP also added that it did not know when the last TouchPad products will be available and how many units will be issued.

Previously, HP cut prices ToucPad up to $ 99 for a capacity of 16 GB, and a capacity of 32 GB is only priced at USD 149 while the price is fixed depending on the policy of the retailer.......
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Good news for those who need a double screen on his laptop. A laptop with dual screen ready to be launched by gScreen and claimed to be the first in the world.

GScreen, Alaska-based company makes a laptop that has 2 HD LED screen measuring 17 inches. Each run with Windows 7 and has a capacity of 500 GB hard drive and RAM 8 GB.

Of course with dobelnya screen, he has that extra weight by 10 pounds. For comparison, MackBook Pro 17 inch has a weight of 6.6 pounds and 17 inch HP Envy berbpbot 7.5 pounds.

SpaceBook presence had been reported since long time but now GScreen confirms that the product is ready for the market in November this year but only became available in the U.S. and Canada.

In a press release, CEO Alan Gordon Stewart said that the idea of ​​making the laptop came when he was doing his job in Hawaii and need more space to do video editing, photo and web design.

Quoted from HuffingtonPost, Wednesday (31/08/2011), SpaceBook already available for pre-order at a price of USD 1899 and USD 2100.

Previously, Acer has also produced two-screen laptop in January but did not have a keyboard in a physical form. Well, here besides favor SpaceBook double screen it also makes users comfortable with the keyboard 'normal'.......
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Counterfeiting of products is rampant in China inevitably create a giant company Apple sultry. Therefore, it agreed to form a global security team to fight the action.

Unmitigated, they employ 'Viagra team' to quell the parties behind abal-abal Apple products.

'Team Viagra' This is the workers from the drug company called Pfizer. Apple chose these people because they had previously scored success in overcoming pemalusan Viagra.

The establishment of 'team Viagra' was conducted three years ago to tackle counterfeiting Apple's flagship product, the iPod and iPhone. This information was leaked by Wikileaks site that gets its data from the U.S. embassy in Beijing.

Leaks also said that Apple does not have a previous global security team until March 2008.

From News.com on Wednesday (31/08/2011), Apple's security team are targeting retailers, retailers, manufacturers, distributors and online vendors to stop production of the iPod and iPhone.

'Team Viagra' seem to do desperate attempt for this. The reason, almost 100% of Apple's products have been overthrown in the Chinese market. Factories in Guangdong province to produce a lot of fake goods which is sufficient to supply all the country with a fake Apple products.

One of the counterfeit products were found that the iPod is said to have 80 GB of storage, when in reality he only has a 1GB hard drive.
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Dozens of people from various countries was given a thank you plus the money of hundreds to thousands of dollars from Facebook. They are the ones who managed to find security holes (bugs) in this popular networking site.

Rewards were related programs that Facebook launched about 3 weeks ago in which it offers money to those who could find bugs in the Facebook site. Minimum of $ 500 will be presented on the hackers and par will be added to a specific security hole.

Quoted from CNN on Wednesday (31 / 8 / 2011), Facebook says so far they have spent more than $ 40,000 for this program. In fact, there is a hacker who received more than $ 7000 because it found six different issues.

Although Facebook has its own security team, bug bounty program is a step which is considered good by Facebook. "We are aware, many talented people and the existing security experts worldwide who do not work for Facebook," said Joe Sullivan, Chief Security Officer of Facebook.

As an appreciation of the hackers from more than 16 countries, Facebook made a special page and a list containing the names of those who berandil in the program.......
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Apple plans to realize their obsessions who want to become a singer through the application to be used in iPod music device. Now, Apple is following the middle of registering a patent application.

With these applications, iPod and iPhone devices will be converted into a mobile karaoke system that can help the amateur singer to sing properly as a professional singer.

This can be realized through the application pinned Apple, where users are taught to achieve the tone and the right key when singing.

Like karaoke machines, this technology will be stuffed with favorite music. Users are welcome to choose which songs will be sung to the lyrics will be displayed later in the video screen, so from the Telegraph on Monday (8/22/2011).

When the user starts singing, the sound that comes out will be analyzed and compared with the sound 'right'.

In the event of a mismatch, then the iPod will help them to correct them. But when the singer was singing the song perfectly, it will be 'awarded' with concert hall effects as a token of appreciation of success.

For those who like to sing, this application will likely be something to look forward.

Not only help to sing correctly, karaoke application also allows users to record their appearance and edit it or compare it with the original song. Unfortunately, not yet known when the application is present on the market.
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Cybercrooks Nokia also troublesome. Finnish mobile phone vendor database in this state in the Nokia developer forum hacked and some member information has been accessed.

Reported by AFP on Tuesday (08/30/2011), Nokia presented some information has been scooped from developer.nokia.com. Including email address, username, date of birth and address of the URL.

"Nevertheless, the data does not contain sensitive information such as passwords or credit card details so that we do not believe security forum members at risk," said Doug Dawson, a spokesman for Nokia.

Mobile phone vendors are still the largest in the world recognizes there are vulnerabilities in the website. This gap becomes a way for cyber criminals to launch the action.

Nokia also had a chance to make the website offline while doing investigations. They also apologize if there is a nuisance to members of the developer forum.
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Tablet computers with the operating system Android is scattered on the market. Fujitsu also try to be different with Arrows Tab F-01D, a tablet that is designed tough enough to face less favorable conditions.

Tablet with 10 inch landscape display is declared waterproof and dustproof. Presumably, a tablet with this kind of resistance is still rare on the market.

The specifications are quite promising. He is among others equipped with dual-core processor 1 GHz TI OMAP4430, 1280x800 resolution screen, 1GB RAM, 16GB storage, or front and rear camera.

As quoted
From Liliputing, Tuesday (30/08/2011), a tablet that uses the Android operating system Honeycomb also has connectivity options 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution). Even that is quite unique, Arrows Tab F-01D equipped with a TV tuner.

Unfortunately, this tablet seems to just be circulating in Japan alone. Working closely with operators NTT DoCoMo, the tablet will go on sale early September.
READ MORE - Arrows Fujitsu, Tablet Android Water Resistant

Facebook has made during the loading time of upload up to two times faster. In addition, the size is larger. Well, share photos on Facebook the fun!

Photos uploaded to Facebook, its size is now 33 percent more width to the height or length varies. This is an update photo sharing service that made ​​up the umpteenth time. The last time Facebook increase the size of the photos in March last year.

Mentioned Facebook as reported by NDTV d on Monday (8/29/2011), photo sharing is one of the most popular activities conducted in social networking.

The average user to upload more than 250 million photos every day. Facebook says, some Facebook users have started to enjoy this update. In the next few weeks, its availability will be expanded up to the Facebook users worldwide.

These changes come along with new settings that allow users to pre-approve or preview the tagged posts to their account. Thus, they can refuse unwanted tagging before appearing in the profile.
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Facebook was so confident that the service made ​​daily deals, Deals, will rival Groupon. But now only the name of Deals, Facebook decided to end it.

In fact, the Deals have not been officially released to the public. Like a withered before developing, Facebook shut down the service offers a variety of attractive discounts dujicoba after four months.

"We think there is great power in the social approach to direct people to local businesses. We have learned a lot from trial and will continue the evaluation on how best to serve local businesses," said Facebook.

Reported by AFP on Monday (8/29/2011), in a few weeks away, Deals will cease immediately. In trials, the service is only available in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco, Ameerika States.

Facebook is said, the company remains committed to service to local businesses through ads, Pages, and their other products. Although Deals ended, Facebook still offers 'check-in deals'. This service allows businesses such as restaurants and shops provide attractive offers for customers who check in with Facebook at a restaurant or store them.
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Samsung Electronics will soon launch mobile instant messaging tool. The move is part of Samsung's efforts to attract more users handset, rival to rival Apple and Research In Motion (RIM).

The new service called ChatON will be available starting in October and is available preinstalled on the Samsung phone type feature phone and smartphone based on Android and Bada.

Reported by Reuters on Monday (8/29/2011), with ChatON Samsung's market share began to enter the increasingly crowded mobile messaging. Even the telecom operators fear could hit the mobile messaging service or SMS short messages.

In comparison, Apple plans to release iMessage. This service will enable millions of users of the iPhone and iPad exchanging messages over the Internet without the burden of cost. While RIM's popular BlackBerry services with Messenger (BBM) on its BlackBerry handsets, like the increasing popularity of instant service mesagging their music service.

Samsung messaging tool will be able to work on all major smartphone platforms including iPhone and BlackBerry. This service will allow users to send text, images or writings, and of course chat in a group and share video clips.

Reportedly, ChatON will also expand to offer this service available on all Android smartphones and tablets. ChatOn will also be available for download for iPhone users and BlackBerry.
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Google wants to make its site as a service identifier of identity, said Google Chairman Eric Schmidt. That's why Google's social networking require users to use real names.

Google boss this statement is a response to the controversies relating to policies about the inclusion of original name in your Google +. This requirement will be a debate over the last few weeks, especially for those who prefer to use a pseudonym.

"At first Google + built it for the introduction of identity services. So basically, it depends on people who use their real names," said Schmidt From Mashable, Monday (08/29/2011).

And what about users who are very concerned about the security of social networking? Schmidt said Google + is optional. "No one is forcing you to use it. So clearly, they are afraid to use their real names, you should not use the Google +," he explained.

Interpreting the Schmidt's comments, analysts say that Google executives are assessing the Internet would be better if we know the actual figure rather than someone as fake profiles.
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Mozilla FirefoxMozilla's new rapid release schedule for its Firefox internet browser, which was created as a positive thing for the company, has come under a lot of scrutiny in the past few weeks and even more fuel was added to the fire over the weekend to make things even worse.

The criticism this time came from a former volunteer for the project, Tyler Downer. Downer recently left the project after three years after becoming increasingly frustrated with what he describes as a "broken" triage process for finding and fixing bugs.

According to a blog post from Downer, "Triage as we know it today is NOT ready to handle the Rapid Release process." Under the old model, with which a new major version of the browser would be released once every year, "triage had a bit more time to go through a massive pile of bugs to find regressions and issues, and there was a pretty good chance that most bugs would get caught just because we had time on our side, and we could afford to miss a bug for six weeks, because we would most likely get around to it," Downer added.

However, Downer asserts that with the new, faster process, triage has been caught off guard. "We currently have 2,598 [unconfirmed] bugs in Firefox that haven't been touched in 150 days. That is almost 2,600 bugs that have not been touched since Firefox 4 was released. And how many more bugs have been touched but not really triaged or worked on? Every day this number grows."

Despite his comments, however, Downer did make a point to note that he wasn't criticizing the rapid release process itself. "I love the idea of rapid release. Rapid release is going to be awesome if done properly. I have always been so frustrated by the continual late releases that hold back awesome new features from the web."

In addition to that, Downer also added that he doesn't think the situation is hopeless. "I have been in talks over the past few days, and I see a good possibility that Mozilla means business in improving triage." However, when Downer decided to leave, it was due to a general lack of interest in doing anything substantial to improve the triage process.

Source: PC World - Firefox's Rapid Release Schedule Draws More Blame
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