Nexus Prime touted as the latest smartphone from the Nexus family, after the Nexus and Nexus S. A picture which is claimed as Nexus Prime has also appeared in cyberspace.

Handtec online retailers in the UK has been displaying the images which it accuses of Nexus Prime. The form looks sexy, with a large screen and a shiny metal material at the bottom of the body.

According to this website, Nexus Prime has a 4.6-inch landscape display Amoled Super HD with 720p resolution. TI OMAP 4460 processor is 1.5 GHz dual-core processors. While the resolution 5 MP camera with video recording capability 1080p HD.

Nexus Prime is likely to be the first phone using Android operating system Ice Cream Sandwich. Just like the Nexus S, Nexus Prime made ​​Google is working with Samsung. Predicted, this smartphone is released soon.

There is also news that Nexus Prime is not the final name and still may be Prime Galaxy.
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