Google acknowledged the company continues to consume electricity equivalent to the energy to mendayai 200 thousand homes. However, the Internet giant's claim to still make the Earth more 'green'.

As is known, each time the Internet user runs a search engine Google, watching videos on YouTube or send messages through Gmail, Google's data center is full of electrical power usage.

Data centers around the world that is constantly sucking up to power almost 260 million watts. This is equivalent to a quarter of the power produced by a nuclear power plant.

Until now, Google stores the data meeting the energy company's usage statistics. This has led to speculation among industry analysts that the information was deliberately withheld the black notes because it will be very embarrassing for Google. This information is also believed to give clues to the competitors about how Google operates the service.

However, as reported by The New York Times, quoted on Friday (09/09/2011), although Google's power consumption was very large, they claimed the Earth gradually becoming green. Indirectly this is driven by a growing number of people using less energy as the impact of billions of operational services that run Google's data center.

Google pointed out, people will save the amount of motor vehicle fuel usage while using Google search rather than go driving to the library for example. "It looks great in the context of a small," said Google Senior Vice President for Technical Infrastructure, Urs Hoelzle.

Google claimed to handle more than one billion searches every day and download a number of activities and questions. However, if calculated as an average energy consumption at the level of ordinary users, the numbers are very small, about 180 watts per hour in a month, equivalent to 60 watt light bulb for three hours.
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