Requests iPhone 5 through the iPhone 4

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A survey reported that the number of requests for pre-launch of the iPhone 5 exceeds the total demand for the iPhone 4. RBC Capital and ChangeWave is issuing this report, where they were in previous years also held a similar research for the iPhone 4.

For the iPhone 5 survey, ChangeWave involving 2200 respondents in early August. The result is, as much as 31% said it would buy the iPhone 5. That beat the number of respondents who said it would buy four iPhones at launch in 2010 (25%).

The amount of demand for the latest generation iPhone will presumably because there are many significant feature enhancements. iPhone 4 itself has now been almost 15 months old and the users want to upgrade capabilities on his cell phone.

From Apple Insider, Wednesday (14/09/2011), because demand is high enough on the iPhone 5, analyst Mike Abramsky also predicts that iPhone sales in 2012 will reach 110 million units.

While in the second survey conducted in early September and involved 2297 people, Change Wave discover other facts relevant action Steve Jobs resigned. Jobs are reported that the retirement of the CEO chair hardly any effect on demand for Apple products.
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