LG Electronics last added members in the ranks of high-end smartphones. South Korean manufacturer was showing off Optimus Q2, an Android-based handset is equipped with a sliding qwerty keyboard type.

Optimus 2Q has a 4-inch wide screen LCD screen with IPS technology (In Plane Switching). Mobile phones with the Android operating system relies Gingerbread 1.2 GHz dual core processor Nvidia Tegra two latest versions are probably more powerful than the processor in LG Optimus 2X.

Sector 5 megapixel camera and VGA front camera. LG also claims included Optimus Q2 berkeyboard smartphone with slim body at this time. Only 12.3 mm thickness.

As quoted from Electronista, Monday (19/09/2011), Optimus Q2 planned to present in Europe and South Korea starting next week. And then to various other areas. Price range has not been announced.
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