The presence of Max Payne 3 has begun to smell his life since last year, but the new game is scheduled to be released beginning in March 2012 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or PC.

Various features meanrik was pinned in this game. Max Payne Rockstar studios claim 3 uses graphics engine capable of displaying the devastating effects with realistic, so the broken glass or the particles hit the wall that will be slammed with a perfect bullet.

Intelligence of the characters in this game has also been enhanced. The enemies are now going to respond to every attack with a different style, this is implemented so that players feel more challenged.

For the Max Payne series players may already be familiar with a feature called Bullet-Time. Yes, in this game is the feature has been enhanced with several improvements.

Gamers can now combine the various movements for the Bullet-Time takes place, with the players is expected to be more creative mengahlan the enemy.

Another distinctive feature of Max Payne is a conversation-style comics. This feature is also slightly polished by combining some of the typical reading novels.

James McCaffrey, the voice of main character in this game was again involved. This time not only as the voice, but the look of Max and the various movements were recorded by McCaffrey own.
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