The number one search engine in China, Baidu, apparently not satisfied if only become champion. Baidu keuasaannya now plans to expand outside of China.

This was disclosed Baidu Chief Executive Robin Li in a meeting with Chinese leader Li Changchun business promotion. This statement was later posted on the site search since last Saturday.

"Robin Li Baidu reported targets over the next decade to become a household name in more than half the countries in the world and represents China's business to affect the global economy," according to an AFP report quoted on Monday (9/19/2011).

As is known, Baidu became the most popular search engine in China with a market share of more than 75 percent, beating rival Google's growing cluck since the feud with the Chinese government.

Currently, Baidu has a presence in Japan and recently launched operations in Egypt and Thailand. Indeed, outside of China the prestige of Baidu is still inferior to Google and Yahoo.
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