Rarely CEO Update, Google + Down prestige?

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After a few months since its launch, Google + prominence doubt. The reason, the CEO of Google itself that is rarely known Larry Page update his account.

In personal accounts Larry Page, last seen updatean conducted on August 15, alias already more than a month ago.

From dailymail Monday (9/19/2011), Page creates the account in June. But apparently he was not 'consistent' with profilenya recent rumors and cause odor wafted, namely that these networking sites are declining in popularity.

Previous Page is diligently posting pages with sharing photos. He also briefly congratulated on achieving + Google achieved and at pengakuisisan Motorola Mobility.

But as many as 300,000 people who enter the Page into the 'circle' they seem to be disappointed because the CEO of Google is somewhat neglecting her account.

Responding to quiet the page Page, a Google spokesman declined comment. Google party just to explain that most people choose to share their activity only to some of the circle (a circle of friends), not to everyone.

In the first month is drawing attention + Google by acquiring 25 million users, an achievement that won Google within 10 months when she was launched in 2004.
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