Educating for eco-friendly habits will be more interesting if it is packaged in a game. The idea is that carried Trash Tycoon.

Facebook issued Guerillapps game teaches players about environmental issues. Trash Tycoon games are shown, highlighting the concept of recycling or convert waste into new products.

Players will act as employers of recycled products. Their task in this game is to collect the rubbish and finding new materials that can replace disposable items like plastic bags. Each task completed, players will earn points, money and titles as 'Garbage Tycoon'.

As quoted from Mashable, Monday (9/12/2011), the creator of this game, who is also CEO of Guerillaps Raviv Turner believes that game play is very powerful social influence player behavior in real life.

"Simple things like social game where players earn points for each task recycle trash can change people's habits to more environmentally friendly," Turner said.

In addition to teaching the behavior of 'green', Trash Tycoon also donate 10 percent of game sales to, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting for environmental issues and climate change.
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