Windows 8 is Microsoft's operating system is optimized for the tablet device. Build in a conference in the United States who finished the event introductions Windows 8, Microsoft also for the thousands of computer-free tablets.

Yes, as reported previously, Windows 8 tablets are made ​​by Samsung. A total of 5,000 units of tablets given for free to Windows developers who attended the conference.

The tablets are specifically for developers and given the name of Samsung's Windows Developer Preview PC. Specifications are fairly impressive, with Intel's dual core processor i5, 4GB of RAM and 11.6-inch Super PLS.

  The tablets will be used by developers to test a Windows 8 and make the application. Most likely, this tablet will not be marketed by Microsoft.

In addition to using Intel processors, Windows 8 will also be able to walk with ARM chips used by most of the tablets at the moment. Vendors such as Qualcomm and Nvidia that makes the ARM-based processor has already expressed readiness to support Windows 8.
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