Technology became one of the most vital thing in the middle of a disaster. However, due to undercooked preparation, such services often fall down when disaster struck. Intel also share tips about the problem.

Mat Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in 2011 was due to begin tomorrow, September 13, when San Francisco, USA. But before that event takes place, Intel to 'warm up' to reveal some tips on the use of technology in the midst of a disaster.

To do this, Intel brought a few vendors who had long struggled to develop the technology to anticipate the arrival of disaster, they are Earth Networks, Mercy Corps, and NetHope each of which has its own way.

Earth Networks for example, weather forecasting specialist company claims to have a worldwide network. "We collect data from around the world to deploy thousands of chips, including in Indonesia," said Bob Marshall President & CEO of Earth Networks.

Michael Bowers, Senior Director, Mercy Corps, said that the true technology can be optimized to perform rescue disaster victims. For example, the search for missing victims by phone and GPS, use the phone features a virtual currency, or it could also share information through social media, or blogs.

Different missions are also performed by NetHope. This organization is ambitious to make the victims in order to stay connected, ie by constructing an access point-based portable Intel Atom chip for voice and data communications remains smooth, as they have done in Haiti some time ago.

In a demo that was shown to a number of journalists, including in Intelcontinental Hotel, San Francisco, USA, on Monday (12/09/2011), in addition to providing examples of the use of technology in the midst of a disaster, Intel also showed how the game could also be involved.

"We built a very simple concept, which makes simulation games when there is a disaster," Principal Engineer Mic Bowman of Intel Corporation.

Bowman believes, with trained through a simple simulation masyarat can better understand what to do when disaster strikes.
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