Recognizing the growing number of users who liked the Dolphin mobile browser. The author, MoboTap confidence spread its wings with the release of the browser for the iPad.

Dolphin Browser HD became a hit on the Android platform. This browser look nice with gesture-based feature that distinguishes it from other mobile browsers.

This is a unique feature, users can draw or write the sign '
the same as Dolphin HD Browser for Android and iPhone. IPad also has a version for Dolphin Webzine, ie a browser-style system Flipboard to read web content, tabbing browsing, the URL bar which will guess what site the user types, as well as Speed ​​Dial to access favorite sites with one touch. Users can also access the bookmarks by sweeping the screen to the left-right or vice versa.

From Mashable, Tuesday (09/13/2011), such as the version for the iPhone, Dolphin Browser on the iPad built on Safari. Based on testing, performance Dolphin Browser for iPad pretty fast and very intuitive for a touch-screen browser. Reportedly, from many iPhone users and IPAD are turned away from the Safari browser and switch to using Dolphin.
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