Three civilians died and ten Los Angeles firemen were injured on the drizzling Sunday morning of February 8, 1976, when engine trouble forced the pilot of a Mercer Enterprises DC-6 charter aircraft to attempt an emergency landing at Van Nuys Airport.

Losing power, the four engine aircraft - with only a flight crew aboard, pancaked onto the Woodley Golf Course near the airport. The aircraft skipped a quarter-of-a-mile across the fairways, smashed through a starter's shack and stopped near Victory Boulevard and Havenhurst Avenue.

First-arriving Los Angeles firefighters thought they heard voices in the smashed cockpit. As a firefighter prepared to use a rotary saw to cut into the cockpit, other firefighters laid a foam blanket and stood by with foam and water supply lines.

The saw, striking a stainless steel fitting ...

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Submitted by Brian Humphrey, Spokesman
Los Angeles Fire Department
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