Nokia CEO Stephen Elop forward once again defended his company's decision to choose Windows Phone 7 (WP7). This time, Elop explain clearly the reason.

At the conference Uplinq Qualcomm in San Diego, California, United States (U.S.), Elop said the firm deliberately avoid Android as are many vendors who use it.

"There is an opportunity to create a third ecosystem. And this will be our capital to go forward," said Elop as quoted from Cnet, on Friday (06/03/2011).

According to him, today there are many companies that use Android for their products. Everything is innovative and interesting and would be difficult to be prominent among them.

"With Microsoft and WP7, Nokia had a chance to make their own name and the device rather than have to follow the rules of Android," he added.

Moreover, Nokia currently holds the exclusive rights WP7 could also feel more free to make innovations that distinguish it on the Nokia operating system with the other phones.

As is known, the rumored Nokia revenues continue to decline led to widespread criticism that the Finnish vendor is whack. The critics even mentioned the Nokia would be better if you select the WP7.

Previously, Intel was disappointed because MeeGo ignored, never mentioned that the reason is one reason Nokia chose WP7 is related to financial reasons.
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