L.A Noire will have the latest variant. After the success in a variety of  consoles, the game promised would  soon be released for the PC.

LA Noire is quite successful in the realm of consoles. Not only the quality of the graphics are stunning, the game system and a unique storyline make this game made by Rockstar has always been a byword among gamers.

Now, through its website, the official Rockstar announced a new version of LA Noire will be available for PC in late 2011.

Due to be released for the PC then there are some changes in the game, such as mapping the controller to the keyboard and gamepad, as well as adjusting the graphics quality to be played in 3D mode.

LA Noire, is a realization of ambitious projects that Rockstar will take the player as an investigator named Cole Phelps. This game presents the story interesting with the background scenery in the era of the 1940s.
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