At approximately 11:20 this morning, an automobile carrying seven passengers made a very late attempt to exit the Westbound 10 Freeway at Fairfax Avenue. As the driver cut across several lanes, the reckless auto managed to collide with another on the freeway, before missing the targeted exit altogether. What resulted was a short trip down a vertical embankment, where the passenger vehicle then overturned onto the Washington Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue intersection. In the process, the engine compartment of the overturned auto caught fire. Nearly 40 Firefighters responded to the incident, making quick work of the small auto fire and quickly assessing each of the involved passengers.

It was discovered that one patient (an approximate 2 year-old male) had been ejected from the car. The young passenger, allegedly, had not been secured in a car-seat, as is required by California law. All seven occupants of the vehicle (reportedly, a small 2-door, passenger auto) were transported by LAFD Rescue Ambulance with various injuries ranging from serious to critical. At the time of the incident, it was not apparent that they, themselves had been securely fastened by seat-belts.

The other involved vehicle on the freeway sustained minor damage and its driver was treated and later released at the scene.

The incident is under active investigation.

E68 RA68 E294 T94 BC18 RA58 E43 RA43 E26 EM14 RA61 RA92 RA29 EM2 EM15

Submitted by Matt Spence,
Spokesman Los Angeles Fire Department
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