Scientists at Stanford University, California, United States (U.S.), try creating a lithium-ion battery-shaped thin sheet of highly flexible and transparent. He hopes his invention can be used to make transparent the iPhone.

Yi Cui and his team, inspired invisibility makes batteries for Apple's craved gadget transparent one day become a reality.

"I want to talk to Steve Jobs about this. I want an iPhone transparent!," Cui said that a battery of experts as well as professor of materials science at Stanford University.

Cui made ​​the battery along with one of his students Yuan Yang, who is first author of papers on lithium-ion batteries transparent.

"If something looks smaller than 50 microns, your eyes would like to see it appear transparent," Yang said as quoted by the LA Times, Saturday (07/30/2011).

He explained that the maximum power of the human eye sight in the range 50 to 100 microns. Yang and Cui create such a framework for battery electrodes, which every line of his 35-micron-sized width.

Because it is still in development, these batteries are still enhanced. For now, these batteries do not provide enough power for laptops, but it can be used for the camera. And Ciu optimistic, developed a battery that no longer can have a stronger power.
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