According to a report of a study, IQ or intelligence level of the user's browser Internet Explorer lower than those using Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

The research report was revealed by a Canadian company, AptiQuant. They give an IQ test (Intelligence Quotient) to more than 100,000 people aged over 16 years and compare them. Grouping participants studied is based on the type of browser used by the user.

The report titled 'Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Browser Usage' said, IE 6 users have an average IQ scores no more than 80. On the other side of the users of Firefox and Chrome is superior on it with an average of 110.

Who are the 'champions' of this intelligence test? Reporting from Mashable, Sunday (07/31/2011), Opera and Camino users have the highest score, ie an average of more than 120.

"In addition, test results have been compared with other studies conducted in 2006. This comparison indicates that in the last 5 years, those with high IQs, have switched from IE," the draft of AptiQuant.

AptiQuant, through the CEO Leonard Howard, explaining that the reports which they gather is not 'judge' of all who use IE's low-IQ. However, this study explains that those with low IQs will most likely be using Internet Explorer.
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