Please join the Los Angeles Fire Department in conjunction with the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation in an honorary awards luncheon for 24 Los Angeles Fire Department members. This ceremony will highlight their distinguished acts of bravery and courage. 

WHO:             Los Angeles Fire Department Fire Chief Millage Peaks

                     City of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

DATE:           Thursday, March 3, 2011

TIME:             Ceremony begins at

The Los Angeles Fire Department acknowledges these acts of bravery and courage through four different awards:

Medal of Valor is awarded to a sworn member of the Department who has demonstrated bravery at great personal risk to his or her own life, beyond a doubt and clearly above the call of duty, whether on or off duty.

Medal of Merit is awarded to a sworn member, distinguished by performing an act where if not taken, would have resulted in serious injury or present imminent danger to life.  The member must have demonstrated a conspicuous act of bravery with calculated personal risk to his or her own life.

Letter of Special Commendation is awarded to any department member who has performed an act during emergency or non-emergency conditions requiring initiative and /or ability worthy of recognition.

Lifetime Achievement Award is given to a retired sworn member of the department who exemplifies the true spirit of “Service to the Community” through his or her actions while on active duty and as a retired member.


Submitted by Devin Gales, Spokesman
Los Angeles Fire Department
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