Hewlett-Packard (HP) will 'turn' back to touchpad devices. This decision was taken after seeing the explosion of demand for OS-based devices some time ago.

Demand is high enough this happens when HP do sales like crazy with TouchPad price cut of $ 300.

As a result, stock TouchPad at a number of retailers and online stores sold out and left disappointment in many prospective buyers. That is why HP decided to reproduce TouchPad though only in limited quantities.

HP's party in his official statement saying, "Instead of announcing the cessation of production webOS based hardware, we have decided to produce TouchPad last resort, to meet existing demand," said as quoted detikINET from HP official website on Wednesday (31/08/2011) .

However, it remains asserted that after that they will no longer continue to produce TouchPad. "HP will stop the development of tools WebOS during our fourth fiscal quarter in 2011," said HP.

HP also added that it did not know when the last TouchPad products will be available and how many units will be issued.

Previously, HP cut prices ToucPad up to $ 99 for a capacity of 16 GB, and a capacity of 32 GB is only priced at USD 149 while the price is fixed depending on the policy of the retailer.......
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