Apple plans to realize their obsessions who want to become a singer through the application to be used in iPod music device. Now, Apple is following the middle of registering a patent application.

With these applications, iPod and iPhone devices will be converted into a mobile karaoke system that can help the amateur singer to sing properly as a professional singer.

This can be realized through the application pinned Apple, where users are taught to achieve the tone and the right key when singing.

Like karaoke machines, this technology will be stuffed with favorite music. Users are welcome to choose which songs will be sung to the lyrics will be displayed later in the video screen, so from the Telegraph on Monday (8/22/2011).

When the user starts singing, the sound that comes out will be analyzed and compared with the sound 'right'.

In the event of a mismatch, then the iPod will help them to correct them. But when the singer was singing the song perfectly, it will be 'awarded' with concert hall effects as a token of appreciation of success.

For those who like to sing, this application will likely be something to look forward.

Not only help to sing correctly, karaoke application also allows users to record their appearance and edit it or compare it with the original song. Unfortunately, not yet known when the application is present on the market.
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