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The Los Angeles Fire Department is pleased to announce the recently revamped website LAFD.ORG

The new LAFD.ORG was created to share Fire Chief Millage Peaks vision of an appealing portal where members of the Department and those they serve can easily obtain information.

The recently updated LAFD.ORG, which is presently separate from the LAFD News & Information blog, completely replaces earlier on-line content.

The modern and improved LAFD.ORG is made possible by a small and dedicated team that includes:
  • Captain Johnny Green
  • Firefighter Phil Bowdoin
  • Programmer Analyst III Giselle Federis
  • Senior Systems Analyst II Oscar Barrera
  • ..and Carlo Abrantes of the City's Information Technology Agency.
Please take a moment to visit LAFD.ORG, and then kindly return to share your comments and suggestions below.

NOTE: Your suggestions and observations (which you are welcome to make anonymously) will be provided directly to Captain Green and his LAFD.ORG development team.
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