In the event the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Nintendo introduced the successor to the Nintendo Wii. Wii U, thus its name, bringing a number of sophisticated innovation that has never existed before in the the realm of console gaming.

Manufacturers from Japan who has been in existence in the world is implementing a variety of breakthrough games on the Wii U. This device has a controller design which appears as a combination of a touch-screen tablet PC and console gaming conventional.

Yes, Wii U controller has a touch screen with a variety of uses. When the TV channels changed for example, users can still play their favorite game through a mini-screen Wii U. In addition, also be used for video calls and browse the internet.

Here are some sophistication of Nintendo Wii U:
  1. Nintendo Wii U controllers use the touch screen. Through is touch screen, users can perform various functions.
  2. Wii U game machine was also changed compared to previous generations.
  3. Users can make video calls via the touch screen controller in the the Wii U. Not much information about is functions. Predicted video call can only be done between Wii U users.
  4. Wii U Users can also draw directly in the screen using the stylus facilities.
  5. Wii U seems to be compatible with the Wii accessories in the the first generation.
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